The 19 Best Pokemon Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2019)

The 19 Best Pokemon Trivia Team Names

If you’re anything like us, you probably grew up with the cultural juggernaut Pokemon in your life. Significant or not in your personal life, there’s no denying the staying power the 1990s franchise has had. If you’re old enough to be out and about for some Pokemon-themed pub trivia, you might have a soft spot for the first generation. Either way, it may behoove you to keep a handful of Pokemon trivia team names in your back pocket for the next time you find yourself at a Pokemon trivia theme night. Don’t get too krabby if you onix-pectedly lose, though. You’ll end up blasting off again!

The 19 Best Pokemon Trivia Team Names

1. Kakuna Matata

You’re automatically obligated to sing your team name at all times all the time.

2. Team Yamper

Yamper marks the time when Pokemon finally went and did it. They finally added a corgi to Pokemon. Pikachu? Outdated. Eevee? Overrated. Nobody roots against the corgi.

3. Raichu All the Answers

This really only works when your trivia answers have to be written per say, but you know. If someone calls you out just use some magic electric rat powers.

4. Can’t Stop Meowth

Unless you’re all talking cats, this will make your team sound like its captain is very egoistic. And hey, maybe that’s true.

5. The Squirtle Squad

You have to wear the sunglasses at all times. Even if you’re indoors. Even if it’s nighttime. Don’t ask questions you chose this name.

Squirtle Squad

6. We Are the Machampions

Like the kakuna one, you gotta sing this name too. It works anyway since Pokemon have been known to say their names a lot.

7. Too Tentacool For You

Don’t be too tentacruel to the competition if you start winning.

8. Not the Beedrills

Don’t tell Nicolas Cage this is your team, since this is literally bees, but worse. Because the bees are really big and have weapons.

9. Omanytes of the Round Table

You, if you choose this team, have chosen to become the vanguards of our Lord Helix. If you don’t think people will get it in writing, try “Omaknights.”

10. Raiders of the Lost Arcanine

Alright, it’s a giant fire dog. Look us in the eye and tell us you wouldn’t raid a place to get an arcanine back.

11. No Shaymin Losing

There really is no shame in it. But if you do just take to sky form and disappear.

12. Gloom and Doom

Only one of these is a Pokemon, but honestly they could be part of an evolutionary chain and nobody would know.

13. Feel Our Poliwrath

Draw big spirals on your chests and punch everything really hard. Punch a wall! Headbutt a table! Kick a chair! Be your best self.*

*But also remember you’re probably going to have to pay for damages.

14. Taking a Rhydon the Victory Train

Riding on a train is a lot easier than a rhydon, don’t kid yourself.

15. The Boys Arbok in Town

Great for those summer trivia nights when everyone is home from college.

16. All Staryu

Hey now, you’re an all star. Yu.

17. The Golduck Experience

Psychic powers are cheating, stop it.

18. Nidoking Crimson

Alternatively, try Kingler Crimson. You’re allowed to spell “Crimson” as “Krimson” if you do.

19. Highway Omastar

If the Omanytes of the Round Table are beating you at this point, step forwards and remind them that you are Lord Helix.

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