The 18 Best Pixar Trivia Team Names

Pixar Trivia Team Names

Maybe you have a Pixar trivia night coming up? Or maybe you just really like reading weird trivia team names to find obscure and not-so-obscure references to things? From childhood memories, to getting older and seeing how dark some of these movies really are, we’ve got a handful of Pixar trivia team names to pull out of your back pocket the next time you find yourself in need.

The 18 Best Pixar Trivia Team Names

1. Coco Puffs

Everyone’s Un Poco Loco for Coco Puffs!

2. The Speed

You have to make like Lightning McQueen and say “kachow” with every answer. Saying “I am the fast” or “I am speed” helps too.

3. Just the Incredibles

Eh, you guys probably shouldn’t expect to have too many incredible powers though.

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4. Trivia Inc.

You don’t even need to go to Trivia University to get a job there.

5. We Lava Trivia

Don’t explode and inadvertently create a new island, please.

6. Finding Trivia

You can probably find some trivia at P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

7. Trivia n Large

Call yourselves TnL, and say your names in WALL-E esque beeps. If you lose, steal someone else’s plant and fly to space.

8. The Claw Crew

You’re only allowed to touch things with a giant mechanical claw. 

9. Zurg Rush

Type “Zerg Rush” into Google. Spelling is key here.

10. Wilderness Explorers

Your score should only go Up from here.

11. Oozma Kappa

Because monsters and cults just go pretty well together.

12. Lit Lamps

Remember there’s no I in “Pixar”. The lamp stepped on it.

13. A Thug’s Life

Alright, don’t let that ego get to big–your name is inspired by A Bug’s Life.

14. Pizza Planet Delivery Drivers

If you commit to the bit and also bring pizza, you’re gonna win the real meta-game. And a lot of friends.

15. Team Sad

Let’s be real, most Pixar movies make you feel this way. Don’t let us turn you Inside Out over it.

16. Friends of Frozone

You know any character played by Samuel L. Jackson is automatically going to be awesome.

17. Sad, Strange Little Men (or Women) 

Cheer up. You’re at a bar! Okay, fine. Sit there awkwardly and wallow in your trivia sorrows.

18. A113

If you don’t get the reference you might struggle at a Pixar themed trivia night. And it’s best you step up your Easter egg game.

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