The Best Lord of the Rings Trivia Team Names

Lord of the Rings Trivia Team Names

In 1937, J. R. R. Tolkien began a sequel to his fantasy novel The Hobbit, but soon realized he was creating a much larger work. That finished product, The Lord of the Rings, would become one of the best-selling novels ever written. And even though it was published all the way back in 1954, the story remains as popular as ever, thanks in large part to the immensely successful LOTR film series. Lord of the Rings is obviously a series steeped in content, so you should have no issues coming up with a few LOTR trivia team names at your next LOTR Trivia Theme Night. But if you need a little inspiration, how about checking out a few of our favorites?

The Best Lord of the Rings Trivia Team Names

1. One Team to Rule Them All

Make sure you exclusively stand in the shape of a giant ring while you’re answering questions, though.

2. Pippin Ain’t Easy

When you’re dealing with the One Ring and all that jazz, nothing ever is.

3. Drinking is a Nasty Hobbit of Mine

Alcohol might make recalling your answers a little more difficult, unless your system is as resilient as a fictional hobbit man.

4. The Nine Mortal Men, or The Seven Dwarf-Lords, or The Three Elven-Kings

Hopefully your team composition is equal to the numbers, or else you’ll look like fools.

5. The White Council

Don’t let it get to your head, but have fun dealing with the Nazgul.

6. Sauron Must Die

If you choose this name, you may want to consider the whole “really high up Eye of Sauron” deal.

7. You Have My Sword, And My Bow, And My Axe

If you’re a team of three, you’re each one of the weapons. Gotta have the right tool for the job.

8. The Last Alliance of Geeks and Men

You must have been really desperate to start expanding your circles to make a team.

9. Don’t Leave the Path

You really should listen to the magic wizard man.

10. Whip It Like the Balrog

Getting whipped by a balrog sounds like the bottom of our to-do list. Unless you’re watching it nae nae, in which case both you and the balrog need to be stopped.

11. Gollum’s Gangsters

If you all have one precious, what happens when it’s in the same room as all of you, though?

12. Oppa Gandalf Style

Please don’t do the dance. Gandalf probably couldn’t.

13. Children of Iluvatar

If Iluvatar made elves and man, doesn’t that make us all children of Iluvatar?

14. Gildor’s Exiles

Alright, but did you ward off the Black Riders? You gotta stare them down if that’s another team.

15. All the Good Trivia Names Aragorn

Well, at least if you take this name you’re being honest. But never cede to the thought that another team has a better name than yours.

16. The Sons of Fëanor

Have fun fighting a lot of wars after the night is over, we suppose.

17. Be My Precious

We do not advise using your team name as a pick-up line.

18. The Fellowship

For realism you’re no longer allowed to use cars.

19. The Council of Elrond

We’re not sure if there’s a ring for you to decide what to do with, you’ll probably be spending more time deciding on answers to trivia questions.

20. Now That’s What We’re Tolkien About

Seems more a of a gloat for you to use when you win, but go ahead and make it your team name.

21. One Does Not Simply Make a Trivia Team Name

Well this one was kinda simple.

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