What Is the New World Order?

What Is the New World Order?

What Is the New World Order?

The phrase “New World Order” can mean a lot of different things to different people. But sometimes, it’s fun to put on the tinfoil hat, so in this post we’re talking conspiracy.

As alluded to, the New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory. While it has a lot of different facets and connotations, there are a few common threads. NWO conspiracies almost always involve the super rich, globalism, and oftentimes authoritarianism.

The quick run-down is as follows: there’s a shadow network of really rich people with a globalist agenda slowly forcing the world into a single, authoritarian state. In turn, sovereign states are gradually giving up their freedoms and will ultimately dissolve into one.

Oftentimes, New World Order conspiracies go beyond this, but we won’t get into all of that. Basically, the whole conspiracy is a huge rabbit hole that can lead to ideas as wild as reptile people and the Hollow-Earth conspiracy if you follow some of the weirder corners. Not every NWO conspiracy involves reptile people though, how outlandish they are can vary.

What is important to note is that much of the paranoia regarding the New World Order surrounds the West. It’s founded on the belief that the West, considered free and democratic people, are willingly surrendering their freedoms to this shadow network.

History of the New World Order

The New World Order conspiracy theory has its roots in the 1700s. It emerged from conspiracy theories of that time, which centered around the end-times, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati. In the 20th century, many NWO conspiracy theories began to take on an antisemitic element. It was only recently, however, that paranoia regarding the New World Order would come to rise in an almost mainstream fashion.

Before the 21st century, New World Order conspiracism was largely limited to two American groups: Fundamentalist Christians who tied the NWO to end-time prophecies and the rise of the Antichrist, and militant, right-wing, anti-government activists. Today however, thanks in part to the internet, New World Order conspiracy theories have entered into popular culture.

New technology like Amazon’s Alexa, and the time it recorded an entire conversation, haven’t helped quell the paranoia. Neither has the advent of the smartphones. Carrying around a box with two cameras and a microphone, that also stores your fingerprint, only adds fuel to NWO conspiracies.

Today, most NWO conspiracies assert that this shadow network has infiltrated the government at all levels, and even controls the media. The idea that the government has already been taken over goes back to at least 1966. Mary M. Davidson’s publishing of The Profound Revolution was one of the earlier instances of this idea taking hold. Her work alleges that the US Federal Reserve was created by international bankers to handle the finances of the New World Order. Many took “international bankers” to mean Jewish bankers, notably the wealthy Rothschild family.

Are We Living in a New World Order?

Has the NWO taken control of our government and the media? Have we sold our souls to people who dive into pools of money like Scrooge McDuck? Should we start making offerings to ancient aliens? Of course not. New World Order conspiracies are just that…conspiracies! But we mentioned earlier that the phrase can have different meanings.

The term, in a political sense, simply refers to a dramatic shift in worldwide political views. It gained popularity during the 20th century, when politicians like Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill used “new world order” to describe the dramatic changes that occurred following both world wars. It was in those post-war periods that more efforts were made to address global issues together, and groups like the United Nations and NATO were established.

More recently, the use of the term became widespread following the end of the Cold War. Leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush both used the phrase in reference to what they hoped would be a new era of cooperation between the world’s superpowers.

Today, things like Brexit, a western rise in nationalism, North Korea becoming a nuclear power, and climate change are affecting the global zeitgeist in dramatic ways. Views that were held in the wake of WWII are becoming memories as dramatic changes continue to occur.

Is the world approaching a new world order? Are we living in one now? That’s an ongoing discussion. Just don’t expect our reptilian overlords to come crawling out from under the ground anytime soon. Skynet, though, you should look out for.

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