New Badges: Erudite Editors, Three Letter World, and All the World’s a Stage.


We’re feeling very cultured this week here at Sporcle headquarters.

Erudite Editors:  We got our thesaurus out for this one. Play 100 quizzes made by editors that you haven’t played before. (Go to the profile page of an editor and find a quiz of theirs to play!).


Three Letter World: Will any three letters do? Get 50% or more on Countries by Any 3 LettersWorld Capitals by Any 3 LettersMost Populous World Agglomerations by Any 3 Letters, and World Languages by Any 3 Letters.


All the World’s a Stage: And all the men and women merely Sporclers. Play 100 total Role quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.