A Beer-And-Trivia Lover’s Itinerary for Seattle Beer Week

A Beer-And-Trivia Lover’s Itinerary for Seattle Beer Week



Turn the dial to 11 because Seattle Beer Week is May 9-19th, 2019! It crept up on us fast – we barely had time to do our warm-up stretches – but thankfully we got the chance dig through the event calendar and find some of the many events that we think will appeal most to the beer-and-trivia lover. We hope to see you there!



Thursday, 5/9:

It’s the Official Kick-Off, if you’re in to that kind of thing. We’re not saying we skipped it but we also sincerely hope you don’t ask us to share a single thing about what happened at the event.

Friday, 5/10:

Try to beat the brewer at Flatstick Pub Pioneer Square’s putt-putt. Welcome summer by sampling – or gulping, your choice – Sun Glitter, Tropic Haze, Moon Glimmer, & Ziggy Zoggy summer lager!

Saturday, 5/11:

Barre at the Bar with Beer Fit Club – because let’s be honest, when you play pub trivia as much as we do, the beer and food begin to add up. Check this event out whether you’re new to drinking beer or new to drinking beer while working out.


Barleywood Squares – this annual tribute to the classic gameshow Hollywood Squares features beer personalities playing craft beer trivia in a life-size Tic-Tac-Toe board for prizes. Don’t try to tell us you’ve never wanted to sit in the audience at this gameshow, let alone compete on it.

Sunday, 5/12:

Take your kids toReuben’s Brews for Mother’s Day Bricks and Brews with LEGO. A professional LEGO instructor will be leading a LEGO engineering class and competition. Children and children-at-heart welcome to participate, and ticket purchase includes a pint for mom!

Monday, 5/13:

Geeks Who Drink trivia at Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery.

Tuesday, 5/14:

Sporcle Live trivia at Watershed Pub & Kitchen, with special guests Pike Brewing Company and the Washington Trails Association.

Wednesday, 5/15:

We can’t resist a dog charity event. Bring your pup, drink good beers, play Bingo, and help dogs find homes at Beer, Bingo, and Barrels.


Think you’ve got the fortitude and skills to correctly spell beer terms in front of a roomful of friends and enemies alike? Show off your vocabulary dexterity at Elysian Brewing’s inaugural Adult Spelling Bee.

Thursday, 5/16:

Back to Watershed Pub & Kitchen for the “Board and Brewed” board game pop-up. We know, we know, two nights at the same place? It’s a fair complaint, but Watershed has at least two other events this week that also support good causes, so when in doubt, stop in here for a beer.


Beer trivia at Figurehead Brewing Company.

Friday, 5/17 and Saturday, 5/18:

We suggest taking these two days as a weekend off of your beer week. There are plenty of events still going on – we’d like to watch the Beer Pong Tournament and Bier Olympics – but nothing particularly trivia-oriented. You’ve had a long hard week of drinking beer. You deserve a break.

Sunday, 5/19:

Coffee Beer & Donuts at Reuben’s Brews can and should close out this Seattle Beer Week. It’s also got nothing particularly to do with games, puzzles, or trivia but, c’mon, it’s Coffee Beer & Donuts!