NFL Head Coaches Fired in 2018

NFL Head Coaches Fired in 2018

In the world of American sports, there are few honors more distinguished than being named the head coach of an NFL team. The thing is, once coaches reach the top, the stakes become extra high. Even the most beloved run the risk of being dethroned if they aren’t producing winning results on the field. Want proof? This past season, eight NFL head coaches were sent home packing. So, who were these coaches and why were they fired? Without further adieu, here is the definitive list of all the NFL head coaches fired in 2018.

The Eight NFL Head Coaches Fired in 2018

Hue Jackson – 2018 Record: 2-5-1

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson was given the chop along with his offensive coordinator eight weeks into the 2018 season after a disappointing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was promoted to interim head coach for the remainder of the season. Jackson served two-and-a-half seasons as head coach of the Browns before he was dismissed.

The current coach of the Browns is Freddie Kitchens.

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Dirk Koetter – 2018 Record: 5-11

Dirk Koetter served three seasons as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before he was dismissed from his position after a loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite starting the season with some wins and boasting a strong offense, Koetter’s team wasn’t making the cut defensively, and the team’s numbers were suffering for it. He was eventually sent packing as a result.

The current head coach of the Buccaneers is Bruce Arians, their fifth head coach in ten years.

Adam Gase – 2018 Record: 7-9

Adam Gase started things off strong with the Miami Dolphins in his first year as head coach, leading his team to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. However, things began to fade over the next two seasons, and Adam Gase was let go at the end of 2018. The team had finished the season with three losses in a row, including an embarrassing 42-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Interestingly, Gase has since accepted a position to fill the void left by another recently outed coach on this list, Todd Bowles.

The current head coach of the Dolphins is Brian Flores.

Vance Joseph – 2018 Record: 6-10

The Denver Broncos experienced an embarrassing fall from grace the past two seasons under the leadership of since-ousted head coach Vance Joseph.

Despite snagging the Superbowl in 2016, the past couple years were two of the worst in the history of this celebrated franchise, both with an embarrassing 10 or more losses.

The current head coach of the Broncos is Vic Fangio.

Marvin Lewis – 2018 Record: 6-10

Marvin Lewis served as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals for an impressive 16 seasons before finally being sent on his way at the end of 2018.

Despite being among the longest-tenured NFL head coaches, Lewis couldn’t save himself from a host of  embarrassing losses and poor results over the past three seasons. Lewis and the Bengals announced that they had mutually parted ways on December 31st.

The current head coach of the Bengals is Zac Taylor.

Todd Bowles – 2018 Record: 4-12

Todd Bowles served for four seasons as the head coach of the New York Jets before being dismissed at the end of 2018. Despite a strong start to the 2018 season, the Jets ended things by losing 9 out of 10 games, helping seal Bowles’s fate.

The current head coach of the Jets is Adam Gase, who was also fired as head coach (by the Miami Dolphins) this past year.

Steve Wilks – 2018 Record: 3-13

Steve Wilks was given only one season to improve the record of the Arizona Cardinals before he was dismissed.

The Cardinals had only 3 wins and 13 losses in 2018, and this embarrassing record sealed Wilks’s fate. However, Wilks’s firing was met with some contention as some argued that he was not given enough time to make any valuable changes.

The current head coach of the Cardinals is Kliff Kingsbury.

Mike McCarthy – 2018 Record: 4-7-1

Mike McCarthy was one of only two head coaches to be given the boot midseason in 2018, and for many, his abrupt late-season dismissal came as a shock. McCarthy was sent packing by the Green Bay Packers after his team suffered an embarrassing loss to the aforementioned Steve Wilks and the Arizona Cardinals.

Up until that point, Mike McCarthy had served as head coach of the Packers for the past 13 seasons, and even lead the team to Super Bowl victory in 2011. He was dismissed after the Packers failed to make the playoffs for the first time in nine years, and his abrupt firing goes to show that it’s dangerous at the top. He was replaced with interim head coach Joe Philbin to complete the season.

The current head coach of the Packers is Matt LaFleur.

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