March to Three Billion: Wrap Up

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2019)
March to Three Billion: Wrap Up

Yo Sporclers, we did it!

The March to Three Billion has come to an end. On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019, at roughly 12:55:28 (PDT), Sporcle surpassed the THREE BILLION quiz play mark. This is a tremendous accomplishment for our company, but it is YOU, the Sporcle user, that deserves all the credit. A huge thank you goes out to all users who have taken the time to play a quiz, or a few thousand quizzes, since our two billionth play back in 2016.

Now for the fun part. Who were the big winners in our various March to Three Billion contests? Take a look below for those details and more!

March to Three Billion

Users could enter various prize tiers based on their quiz plays from March 5th to our three billionth play. We randomly selected winners from each tier, and the breakdown is as follows:

Level 1: Play 500 Sporcle quizzes
Prize: 25 users will win a month of Sporcle Orange

Winners: bear_bo, nichols92306, Ed-Rice, prhpe28, RH1970, Antissa, looneyru53, lg94, GuessWho1, cocoafrog, stephenjsf7, wallie, dereks, JLKeip, mco76, tomcio, kcredpixy873, amcke4, superzombiewolf, das_ul, michigan_mother, thenotoriousjake, maevegauthier, NUguy514, rk970

Level 2: Play 1,000 Sporcle quizzes
Prize: $50 Amazon gift card for one randomly selected user

Winner: Guderian

Level 3: Play 2,500 Sporcle quizzes
Prize: $100 Amazon gift card for one randomly selected user

Winner: maevegauthier

Level 4: Play 3,750 Sporcle quizzes
Prize: Sporcle Orange for Life for one randomly selected user

Winner: afterthefall

Level 5: Play 5,000 Sporcle quizzes
Prize: TriviaCon premier pass OR Sporcle Orange for Life for one randomly selected user

Winner: SomeCallMeTim

The Three Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes

The Three Billionth Quiz Play Sweepstakes was pretty straightforward – just play the three billionth quiz and win a $500 American Express Gift Card.

Congrats to PsychoGoose29 for being our lucky winner!

We saw a surge in quiz plays as the Homepage Counter worked its way to 3,000,000,000, but PsychoGoose29 managed to sneak in with the win. Their play on Pick the Natalie Portman Movie! was number three billion.

Last Post Wins

To win Last Post Wins, a user had to have posted to the Last Post Wins is BACK! group thread right before we officially crossed the three billion play mark. The winner gets a grab bag of Sporcle gear plus 3 months of Sporcle Orange.

themelondude took this contest. Their comment, “hello”, was our winner, coming in right before we crossed the three billion threshold. In total, the thread had 3,022 comments before it was locked right after three billion.

Congratulations to all our lucky prize winners! Thanks for playing!

Other Fun Stats

Throughout the month of March 2019, we’ve looked back at some of the major site accomplishments that have occurred since our two billionth play back in October of 2016. We’ve already reflected on things like major content updates, recently added features, and new faces around the site. Before we start looking ahead to four billion, we thought we’d look back once more at some fun stats from our two billionth to three billionth quiz play.

Most Played Quizzes

  1. Find the US States – No Outlines Minefield – 16,955,540
  2. Find the U.S. States – 10,107,872
  3. Countries of the World – 3,982,928
  4. US States – 3,832,993
  5. Clickable 1-100 Mines – 2,909,649
  6. Countries of Europe – 2,312,673
  7. Countries of the World – No Outlines Minefield – 2,138,911
  8. Find the US States Ultimate Minefield – 1,891,002
  9. 2014 World Cup Stars – 1,764,612
  10. Harry Potter Logic Puzzle – 1,617,033
  11. 151 Original Pokémon – 1,515,422
  12. Countries of Africa – 1,487,168
  13. US Presidents – 1,376,546
  14. Country Trivia Logic Puzzle – 1,342,305
  15. Erase the USA (No Outlines) – 1,267,057

Most Published Users

  1. sproutcm – 313
  2. lolshortee – 252
  3. kfastic – 239
  4. bhenderson79 – 221
  5. timmylemoine1 – 221
  6. El_Dandy – 218
  7. Flick – 208
  8. Thebiguglyalien – 188
  9. beforever – 166
  10. goc3 – 165
  11. Hejman – 162
  12. PrincessMartell – 156
  13. teedslaststand – 139
  14. DesertSpartan – 125
  15. BanjoZebra – 121

Number of Quizzes Created: 348,637

Number of Quizzes Published: 12,812

Number of Challenges Completed: 26,397,026

Number of Showdowns Completed: 3,471,613

Number of Badges Earned: 12,649,850

Thanks to all that participated!

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