It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team Names

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team NamesIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is approved for a 14th season at this point, and that brings them tantalizingly close to setting a record for the longest running live action comedy on TV. And that kind of longevity comes with a lot of well-loved running jokes – perfect inspiration for some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia trivia team names.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team Names

1. Kitten Mittens

Is your cat making too much noise all the time? Is your cat always stomping around, driving you crazy? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid. There is. For extra points spell it the Charlie way – Kitten Mittons. Or just doodle a cat and a mitten – who needs letters?

2. The Golden Gods

You’re a team of five-star men and women. Legends. Possibly a group of complete sociopaths. Regardless: you need everyone to know you’re seriously above their level.

3. Dr. Mantis Toboggan

Mantis Toboggan was born out of the D.E.N.N.I.S., M.A.C., and “scraps” system. But he’s become much more than that: doctor, pilot, local figure in the oldest pub in America, and expert on viruses. A true renaissance man.

4. Chardee MacDennis 

Nothing’s more appropriate for an IASIP trivia team name than this trivia game. Let it inspire your team to have the ultimate combination of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Also, it shows that you have a healthy ability to drink – just surviving a game of Chardee MacDennis is a feat of liver strength that few could claim. But be careful about your flag design, and never play to Level Four.

You could also use “The Golden Geese”, the reigning team’s name, but there’s a lot to live up to there. 

5. Flip-Flip-Flipadelphia

10 years hiatus, and a triumphant return. Ignore the poisoning incidents – this is an honorable and inspiring name for any kind of team. Plus, they’ve got matching tee shirts! Your team should definitely make matching tee shirts.

6. Pepe Silvia

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team Names | Pepe Silvia | Sporcle Blog

Charlie may not be one of the greatest minds of his generation, but he is relentless in the face of a mystery. When the mail keeps coming back for a certain “Pepe Silvia” he doggedly investigates. He never does find Pepe -turns out he doesn’t exist. One popular fan theory posits that it’s simply a misreading of “Pennsylvania” on all the mail.

For an even deeper cut on this theme, consider “Carol from HR”.

7. Dayman (AaAaaAaaahh)

If your host doesn’t sing this team name, they’re absolutely under appreciating you. The master of karate and friendship for everyone deserves the utmost respect. Still worth it though, even if you have to provide your own AaAaAaaaahs. Just watch out for the Nightman team, you might end up with some dangerous rivals. 

8. Through God All Things Are Possible

Screw knowing things; let blind faith be your guide. If it could take Mac from Fat Mac to ripped, it can take your team from last place to first. Make sure you’re on god’s good side first though – maybe offer him a nice egg?
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team Names | Nice Egg | Sporcle Blog

9. Rumham & Fight Milk 

Fight like a crow, and dance like a wacky inflatable tube man. You could also consider ordering some milksteak and jelly beans, or if you wanna get truly crazy, riot punch. But rumham and fight milk is probably plenty.

10. Certifiably Not Donkey Brained

You can get certificates to prove your non-donkey-brainedness on No one else at the bar will have certificates, so you’ll automatically win pretty much every debate. 

11. Science is a Liar Sometimes

Aristotle thought the Earth was the center of the universe, Galileo thought comets were an optical illusion, and Newton thought he could turn metal into gold. Stupid. Also don’t check our sources on those… just have faith.

This one is great because it’s a built-in argument for any question you get wrong; you weren’t wrong, science is just a liar this time. 

12. The Waitress’ Real Name

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Trivia Team Names | Waitress Name Possibilities | Sporcle BlogThis is the most mysterious team name of all. It establishes your team as a mystery wrapped in an enigma. 

13. It’s Always ____ In ____

This one takes a little more creativity, but it’s also an opportunity to weave in an inside joke or a fun local reference. Take something famous or topical about your area, and pop the relevant city name on the end. 

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