March to Three Billion: New Faces, New Publishes

New Faces, New Publishes

Sporcle passed the two billion quiz play mark on October 15th, 2016. Now here we are, less than three years removed from that milestone, on the verge of another – three billion plays!

Throughout the month, we’ve been looking back at some of the accomplishments that have been made around the site and in our community since that two billionth play. We’ve already looked at major site updates and new features we’ve added. In this post, we’ll be celebrating some major achievements related to user publishes, and also take a look at some of the new faces around the site.

First Publish

We start off in the world of quiz publishes. In total, 5,090 unique users have been published on the Sporcle Homepage at the time of this post. Of those users, 868, or about 17%, got their first quiz publish after October 15th, 2016.

HarvardAce started things off when their quiz, One-Letter Logos A-Z II, was published just four days after our two billionth play. Many, many more users would soon follow suit. It would honestly take too much time to highlight every user that was published between two billion plays and today, but what is clear is that many now prominent users on the site began successful quiz making careers after two billion.

Do names like PenguinsMeercats and strokes_static ring any bells? How about christopherjulia, JeluPotter25, WalshyMusic, or nabean? They all seem like regularly published users today, but each of them didn’t get their first publish until after our two billionth quiz play. And honestly folks, we could go on and on listing out users who had their first publish after October 2016, and who have gone on to have multiple since.

And new users continue to get published today. The most recent addition to the published user club was boomchuggalugga, whose quiz Where’s Everybody At? was published just last Tuesday. Who knows? Maybe a few more will sneak into the list before three billion!

Quizmaker Badges Earned

In addition to many newly published users, a number of already established quiz makers were able to earn some of the tougher, publish-related badges.

For example, the number of users with their Crazy Ivan badge has more than doubled since our two billionth play. To earn this particular badge, users must get a quiz published in each of Sporcle’s 15 quiz categories. teedslaststand started things off after our two billionth play, becoming Crazy Ivan #36 on November 11th, 2016. Just a couple months ago, eyes355 become Crazy Ivan #77, the latest addition to this elite quiz making club.

We’ve also seen similar successes with both the Honor Roll and Dean’s List badges. Before two billion, 65 users had the Honor Roll badge. Today, 146 users have it. This badge requires getting a Curator Pick in each category. Furthermore, before two billion, 63 users had the Dean’s List badge, which requires getting an Editor Pick in each category. Today, that number is 113.

So a huge congrats to everyone!

New Curators, Editors, and Moderators

Everyone enjoys the feeling of having a quiz published, or having quiz making success on the site, but none of that would be possible without our team of Curators, Editors, and Moderators. Among many other duties, these individuals work hard to assist quiz makers, highlight their work, and ensure that our content stays relevant and up-to-date.

The day after hitting two billion quiz plays, BoggelTeam entered the world of curating for the first time, becoming Curator for Mixed Word. Since then, 75 other users have been given curatorships for the first time, the last being sgeoghegan2002, who took on the Artist curatorship earlier this month.

What’s more, just three days after our 2 billionth play, bhenderson79 joined our Editor team, taking on the Science category. And in December of last year, the Editor team went through a major shakeup, when Rackie (Music), Purple_Parrot (Entertainment), Thebiguglyalien (Movies), hockeystix3 (Literature), and kfastic (Gaming) all joined on as new Editors.

Beyond Curators and Editors, there have also been some major new additions to our team of Moderators. Joining site legends like Hejman, LTH, and needapausebutton in the world of moderating since two billion have been bhenderson79, El_Dandy, beforever, and lolshortee.

Curators, Editors, and Moderators do much of the dirty work on the site, working hard to keep content factual and fun. They also help set the tone for how users should interact with one another on the site. The huge role they play on Sporcle cannot be overstated.

New Faces, New Publishes

These are just a few of the newly published users and new faces on the site since our two billionth quiz play. Many more people could, and probably should, be highlighted in this post, as Sporclers achieve great new milestones daily. What does the future hold for the world of quiz making and publishes? What new accomplishments will be made during our next billion plays? You’ll have to keep playing to find out!