March to Three Billion: Features and Changes

March to Three Billion: Features and Changes

Sporcle passed the two billion quiz play mark on October 15th, 2016. Now here we are, less than three years removed from that milestone, on the verge of another – three billion plays!

While only a short time has passed since that two billionth quiz play, a lot of changes and new features have been added to the site. What are some of the biggest changes since two billion? Below we’ll break down some of the more notable new features.

Quiz Related

Our staff works hard to constantly improve and update our products. One of the ways we try to foster a more enjoyable Sporcle experience is by making improvements around actually playing and making quizzes. It is our quizzes that drive people to the site, after all, and we wouldn’t reach a milestone like three billion quiz plays without giving our users the proper tools to express their creativity through quiz making. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the more notable additions to the world of Sporcle quizzes.

  • Stopwatch Mode allows users to play quizzes without time constraints
  • The Decoy Duck lets users to mark wrong answers in Clickable and Picture Click quizzes
  • The option to group common answers in Clickable quizzes was added
  • The Presentation tab was opened up to all users, so everyone can add icons to their own quizzes
  • Wrong answers in Map quizzes was added as an option (aka Map Minefields)
  • Updates were made to the Friends’ Results section on quiz pages
  • Picture Box quizzes were made available to all users
  • We added the ability to add images to Multiple Choice quizzes
  • The Quiz Management Dashboard went through a total revamping

The Sporcle Community

While Sporcle began as a simple trivia website, users were quick to begin interacting with one another and building their own social community on the site. Over the years, we’ve not only embraced our special little community of users, but have worked to add more features to help grow the social aspects of the site. Since October of 2016, here are a few features we’ve added to user accounts and profiles, and for the community at large.

  • User Profiles were completely revamped to improve functionality
  • Bulletins were added so that users can share their thoughts with friends
  • A Play Streak tab was added to track daily plays
  • Users can now Bookmark quizzes, badges, group topics, and playlists
  • The Friend Box was added so users can easily see which of their friends are online
  • The ability to subscribe to group topics was added
  • Chat was added, allowing users a simple way to directly communicate with each other
  • Anyone can now give the gift of Sporcle Orange to their friends, family, or other users on the site

Around the Site

Sporcle has a lot to offer our users, and our variety of quizzes and products means that everyone can Sporcle a little differently. But improvements can always be made! Enhancing the look, feel, and functionality of our site is something we always strive to do. And in the roughly two and a half years since two billion, we’ve certainly made some changes around the site. Here are a few of them.

  • A new Daily Dose called On This Day was added to the Homepage for a two year run
  • Get the Picture is our newest Daily Dose, taking the place of On This Day just this year
  • There is now a Featured Blog Post on the Homepage each day
  • Updates were made to Category pages to make them more user-friendly
  • Users can now select Subcategories throughout Quiz Lab
  • Our entire site Search was revamped and upgraded
  • Site role pages were updated, and role avatar icons were added for Admin, Staff, Moderators, Editors, and Curators (and Orange users)
  • Showdown mode allows users to compete head-to-head against one another in quizzes
  • An Editor Picks tab (in the style of Staff Picks) was added to Quiz Lab

Sporcle, Inc.

Sporcle prides itself on being a trivia company, and as our site has grown, we’ve looked for ways to bring trivia to places beyond just the Sporcle website. Below we’ve outlined just a few of the ways Sporcle has been able to branch out since hitting that two billionth quiz play.

  • The Sporcle Blog now publishes new content each day, and on a wide range of topics
  • We’ve increased our social media presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram, adding new trivia-themed content daily
  • Sporcle now has an Alexa skill that is free to download
  • You can now play Sporcle on Twitch, a video streaming website
  • SporcleTV was launched, featuring content like Matt and Derek’s Quiz Lab, and The Pottermasters
  • Sporcle Live continues to grow, with new live trivia shows opening in new states
  • Haymaker Public House, a Sporcle-owned bar in Ann Arbor, MI, officially opened

New Features on Sporcle

These are just a few of the new features and updates added to Sporcle since our two billionth quiz play in October of 2016. Many more things could be added to these lists, as tweaks and changes to our site are made almost daily. What new features can Sporclers look forward to in the future? You’ll have to keep playing to find out!



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