Introducing Trophy Cases

Introducing Trophy Cases

Do you like winning things? Do feel good when your hard work is rewarded? If so, then we have an exciting new surprise for you!

We are happy to introduce a brand new addition to your profile page: Trophy Cases.

These distinctive new emblems now show up on user profile pages, and are a fun new way to show off your Sporcle accomplishments and milestones. Currently, you can earn trophies for things like the number of years you’ve been on Sporcle, play streaks, and the number of plays your quizzes have received. And we’re not stopping there!

We plan to roll out more trophies in the coming weeks, for things like your number of badges earned and unique plays you’ve accumulated.

How Do They Work?

On your profile page, you will now see a section called Trophy Case. Below is where your earned trophies will display.

Users can only earn one trophy per category, but the cool part is that trophies have various levels to them. For example, you can earn a 1 Year Club trophy for having an account for one year. After two years, this same trophy “levels up” to become a 2 Year Club trophy, and so on.

If you hover over a trophy in your Trophy Case, you can see how close you are to the next trophy level.

We hope you enjoy this fun new feature!