What Are the Smallest States?

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)
What Are the Smallest States?

When it comes to size and population, not all US states are created equal. So, what are the smallest states? We’ve got them listed below, both in terms of area and population.

Smallest States by Area (square miles)

10. West Virginia (24,230)

9. Maryland (12,406)

8. Hawaii (10,932)

7. Massachusetts (10,554)

6. Vermont (9,616)

5. New Hampshire (9,349)

4. New Jersey (8,723)

3. Connecticut (5,543)

2. Delaware (2,489)

1. Rhode Island (1,545)

Smallest States by Population (2018 estimates)

10. New Hampshire (1,356,458)

9. Maine (1,338,404)

8. Montana (1,062,305)

7. Rhode Island (1,057,315)

6. Delaware (967,171)

5. South Dakota (882,235)

4. North Dakota (760,077)

3. Alaska (737,438)

2. Vermont (626,299)

1. Wyoming (577,737)

What Is the Smallest State?

In looking at the lists, we can see Rhode Island is the smallest state by area. At around 1,545 sq mi, Rhode Island is comparable in size to Cabo Verde. West Virginia, which just made the list of 10 smallest states by area, is about the size of Latvia.

When talking about population, Wyoming is the least populous state, which is a little surprising considering it ranks as the 10th largest state by area. Alaska and Montana are two other states that appear in our least populous list and in the top 10 largest by area. Alaska actually ranks 50th in population density.

Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are the only states to appear on both lists, so it is totally safe to describe any of these states as “small”.

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