Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia Team Names

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia Team Names | SporcleBrooklyn Nine Nine has survived six seasons, a network change, and a whole lot. When it seemed it was going to be canceled, celebrities came out to show support (from Lin Manuel Miranda to Mark Hamill) and the fans made such a fuss that it came back to life. The show is beloved and, here’s what you might not know, a rich inspiration for trivia team names.  

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia Team Names


We do recommend the all-caps treatment here, because this name is all about delivery. Word on the street is that Terry Crews started this chant behind-the-scenes to pump up cast and crew and it made its way into the show after catching on.

2. # Drink Amy

This name is the most versatile of all. It can serve as a mood-ring for your team – just fill in the drink number that fits the night’s vibe.

  • One Drink: Spacey Amy
  • Two Drinks: Loud Amy
  • Three Drinks: “Amy Dance Pants”
  • Four Drinks: Pervert Amy
  • Five Drinks: Confident Amy
  • Six Drinks: Sad Amy
  • Seven Drinks: Unknown
  • Eight Drinks: Equestrian Amy

3. Pontiac Bandits

He’s just so darn likable. And he outsmarts Jake and comes out on top every time. That’s the kind of energy you want for your trivia team, 100%. Make sure you learn their handshake or theme song for an extra nerd point.

4. Kwazy Cupcakes

Some people have a weakness for silly mobile games. Maybe most people do, even. But it turns out Kwazy Cupcakes is real – and worth a shot if you’re curious about the kind of mobile game that could capture the whole precinct’s attention. Or you could always practice your TV trivia with the Sporcle mobile app….

5. Velvet Thunder

Brooklyn Nine Nine Trivia Team Names | Sporcle

Holt’s self-defined code name in this episode is roughly a thousand times cooler than the one Jake proposed. “Wet Blanket” isn’t exactly inspiring. Choose this trivia team name, and you too can be surprisingly awesome.

6. BONE!?

This is another one where the delivery is critical. Additional “Os” can be added to the name for flavor, but all caps and interrobang are strongly recommended. STRONGLY. Try not to get too derailed into the Monty Hall problem though. Some people will never get it.

If you’re more of an Amy than a Holt, you could always go with “Funky Cats and their Feisty Stats” from the same storyline.

7. Pineapple Slut

Brooklyn Nine Nine Trivia Team Names | Sporcle

This team name raises more questions than answers. It’s downright philosophical. It also shows that you truly get Captain Holt’s wild(ly depressed) side.

8. Dance-y Reagan

If Gina is your favorite B99 character (great choice, by the way) you’ll need to give this one some consideration. The wordplay is a classic for trivia names, but if it’s not your thing, maybe you’ll find some inspiration from the best Gina Linetti quotes.

9. Bingpot

A mixture of bingo and jackpot – just the lucky charm you need to kick but in trivia. Make sure to yell it when you win. Or maybe just when you get a really tough question right.

10. Scary Terry

It rhymes, which is always a good sign. And more importantly, it serves as an excuse to politely vent out all your minor complaints and annoyances in life. Someone parked badly? Accidentally bought the wrong flavor of yogurt? Keep tripping over that one cracked bit of sidewalk? Channel some Scary Terry and let it out.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Trivia Team Names | Sporcle

11. Title of Your Sex Tape

And last, but not least (title of your sex tape?) is the classic recurring one-liner of the show. From “that’s what she said” to “phrasing!” lots of sitcoms develop their own way of flagging a few PG-13 double entendres.

12. Kind, Dressed, and Fully Sober

Speaking of sex tape titles, you could always use one of the titles themselves as your team name. We favor “Kind, Dressed, and Fully Sober”. Honorable mentions to “One More “Butt” and You’re in Contempt” and “It’s Not Your Fault, I Was Terrible” as well.

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