Sporcle Live Spotlight: Founders Brewing Company

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)
Sporcle Live Spotlight: Founders Brewing Company

Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan

You’ve probably been in love with Founders Brewing Company beer long before you knew what it was. Founders vision was to craft beer for a chosen few – “a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste.”

That cadre is more common than owners Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers expected. Founders has become one of the highest recognized breweries in the United States. It has also ranked as one of the top breweries in the world by Ratebeer.com for the last five years. They have several beers listed in the top 100 beers of the world on BeerAdvocate.com, and are among the top ten largest craft breweries in the country. Oh, and did we mention they are a featured beer on Southwest Airlines!?

Accolades like those don’t come without merit. Founders brews complex, in-your-face ales with huge aromatics, big body, and tons of flavor. Each beer – from the year-round selection, Nitro drafts, seasonal, barrel-aged, limited, and Mothership series – pushes the limits of how much enjoyment can be contained in a can (or bottle).

Hovering at the top of the ABV chart in the Mothership Series, at 10.8%, Sleeper Cell features an intense dose of hop varieties, lingering on the palate and finishing sharp.

Founders All Day IPA is available year-round and is naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains, and hops. All Day is balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. At 4.7% ABV, it satisfies your taste for the bold without dulling your senses.

The Grand Rapids Deli Menu features bar-friendly food that perfectly complements every beer that Founders serves. The Kielbasa Plate highlights smoked Frank’s Market kielbasa, homemade kapusta, and roasted red skin potatoes. From munchies, sandwiches, salads, soups, and pizzas, you can satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst.

Founders pounds boredom, too! There’s live entertainment every Thursday and Friday, and to help you wind down from Monday, Sporcle Live Trivia has joined the Founders’ family. Bring your coworkers and friends for two hours of fun, win prizes, and enjoy the award-winning tastes at Founders Brewing Company!


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