Sporcle Live Spotlight: Farmington Brewing Company

Sporcle Live Spotlight: Farmington Brewing Company

Farmington Brewing Company, Farmington, Michigan

It could be said that you don’t need to be a scientist to make good beer, considering how many new breweries there are out there, but Farmington Brewing Company was legit started by two scientists. It all started with some friend bonding, a 5-gallon pot with a homebrew starter kit, and a vague idea of how to win over taste buds.

After the store-bought kit was too taste-restrictive, soon-to-be brewers Jason Hendricks and Jason Schlaff decided to try an unbridled approach. Not to be deterred by a first bad attempt, Farmington Brewing Company planted the seeds for success, officially opening its doors in 2014.

Farmington Brewing Company cultivates a cozy atmosphere where many return patrons have come to know each other, and in turn, have developed relationships with the staff.

The flagship Blood Orange Wheat is Farmington’s most popular beer. The non-standard wheat beer – at 6.9% ABV – is made with blood orange juice instead of coriander, lending a refreshing tartness to the brew. For sit-you-down strength with a little sweetness and warmth, the 14.4% Natural Honey Mead is the perfect nightcap on a chilly evening.

Farmington caters to more than just the beer drinker, offering Faygo pop and Kombucha on tap as non-alcoholic beverage options. You also don’t have to drink on an empty stomach: Farmington also serves snacks from local businesses like Pop Daddy Popcorn, Great Lakes Potato Chips, Cheese Lady cheese and crackers, and soft pretzels from Sunflour Bakehaus. Customers are also allowed to bring in outside food or opt for delivery.

While you’re chomping down on some snacks and savoring some hops, you can postpone the workweek blues by indulging your competitive streak. Sporcle Live Trivia is one of the leading pub trivia companies and brings its unique brand of ask-and-answer wager trivia to Farmington Brewing Company on Sundays beginning at 6 PM, and players can win prizes for being the best and brightest!

Whether you’re in it for the beer, the comradery, or the competition, Farmington Brewing Company is a must-visit!