Sporcle Live Spotlight: Basement Burger Bar

Sporcle Live Spotlight: Basement Burger Bar

Basement Burger Bar, Detroit Metro Area, Michigan

The “bottom” is not necessarily a bad thing. Not when it provides humble beginnings and steady growth to net you Metro Times “Best Burger” for 2018! In keeping with the Azar family’s dedication to “providing guests with delicious food and exceptional service at an affordable price,” Basement Burger Bar is committed to selecting the finest ingredients as a foundation for your burger creation.

Burger Picassos choose which meat – beef, bison, Kobe, the all-white meat turkey burger, grilled chicken breast, tenders, falafel, BBQ pulled pork, black bean, or portabella – will perch atop a brioche, pretzel, 9-grain, or gluten-free bun (or no bun at all). There are themed stacks for your choice, ranging from All-American, Club, Tropical, or Italian.

If you’re truly indecisive, Basement Burger Bar threw out a few suggestions that will certainly contribute to a sufficient food coma. Topping the list (pun intended) is the Basement Junk Burger which is literally loaded with everything you can possibly think of! It’s a beef burger Jenga’d with homemade red pepper mayo, spicy ketchup, garlic mayo, and smoked BBQ ketchup, lettuce, pickle, hickory-smoked bacon, mozzarella sticks, frickles, caramelized onions and onion straws, topped with nacho cheese sauce. Shhhh…I won’t tell your cardiologist if you don’t. For artery-clogging cheese champs, the Double Cheeeez Burger seems simple enough: Two beef patties topped with six different cheeses, hickory-smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion.

If you’re not in the mood for a straight-up burger, Basement Burger Bar has a variety of greenery to satisfy your appetite, along with a combination of sides to accompany your meal.

You can also “shake it up” with tasty milk shakes created by – guess who? – you!

Get your grub and trivia on at Basement Burger Bar! Sporcle Live Trivia is proud to bring its special brand of mind magic with FIVE opportunities to play for prizes, with two games each night:

Mondays at the Farmington location starting at 8 PM
Tuesdays at the Detroit location starting at 8 PM
Wednesdays at the Farmington location starting at 8:30 PM
Thursdays at the Canton location starting at 9 PM, and
Saturdays at the Canton location starting at 10 PM!