Snow Day Traditions for When You Need a Day off School

Snow Day Traditions for When You Need a Day off School

It’s just about snow day season, and that means waking up early to check the weather reports and hope for the best. Your idea of “the best” might be very different from a student’s – but they have all kinds of techniques and superstitions for getting their way. Some snow day traditions have obvious symbolic links to snow and cold. Others are totally off the wall. But everything from wardrobe to dietary choices can influence a snow day in the mind of a hopeful kid. Maybe adults need to develop a “the snow-plows get out early” dance, just in case?

At any rate, here are a few common snow day traditions that may (or may not) help you get you a day off school.

Snow Day Traditions

1. Wearing pajamas inside out

Wearing pajamas (particularly the pants) inside out is a classic. For bonus points, you can take it a step further and go backwards as well. Watching the snow day closures in the morning is gonna be tense.

2. Ice in the toilet

The rule of thumb for this one: you throw in one cube for every inch of snow you want. That’s a lot of power, so use it responsibly.

3. Spoon under the pillow

You want a big fluffy pillow for this, or it’s going to get uncomfortable.

4. Snow dance

We’re not sure if the snow dance has specific moves, if they’re up to the individual, or if they’re regional. You do get bonus points for doing it in front of the fridge though.

5. Ice cream eating

This snow day superstition is pretty much the biggest win-win possible. “Oh mom, dad, I have to eat ice cream, it’s a snow day tradition.” Worst case scenario is a delicious treat.

6. White crayon on the windowsill

Putting a white crayon on the windowsill is supposed to inspire some snow to match it. Alternate options include a white crayon in the freezer, or under your pillow (next to the spoon?).

Know any other snow day traditions or superstitions? Let us know in the comments below. And next time you’re planning on watching the weather forecast with bated breath, check out some weather quizzes on Sporcle for a fun, on-theme diversion. You can get started with the quiz below!