New Badges: Sail Into the 1600s, Neophyte, and Totally Trivial.


If you play Sporcle quizzes religiously then get ready for the best holiday of the winter season- National Trivia Day. 

SailIntoThe1600s.pngSail Into the 1600s: What did people do for fun before Sporcle existed? Get 50% or more on 17th Century Match-up, Famous From the 17th Century, and The 17th Century A-Z to earn this badge.

Neophyte2.pngNeophyte: It’s like Sunday school for trivia lovers. Play 100 religion quizzes you haven’t played before.

totally-trivial.pngTotally Trivial: It might as well be called National Sporcle Day. Play 25 trivia quizzes on January 4th (National Trivia Day).

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.