30 Funny College Football Bowl Game Names

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2018)

30 Funny College Football Bowl Game Names
College football bowl games are one of the great enduring American holiday season traditions. Another great American tradition – letting the guy who pays for the bowl pick the name, which has led to some bizarre results over the years. Of course, you have old classics like the Rose Bowl or the Orange Bowl, but some bowl game names are just downright silly. We’ve compiled a list of funny college football bowl game names that have appeared throughout history. Take a look below!

30 Funny College Football Bowl Game Names

Note: Many bowl games have changed sponsors over the years. The dates listed represent the timeframe that each full name (sponsor included) was in use.

1. Glass Bowl (1946–1949)

This was discontinued in 1949, not because of any particularly fragile nature of this Toledo stadium, but reputedly because of the home team’s repeated lack of success.

2. AutoNation Cure Bowl (2015–present)

Will this game automatically cure the nation? Or has AutoNation come down with some sort of illness?

3. Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl (2015–2017)

Nothing says holiday season football like buffalo wings and citrus fruits, am I right? Or maybe you’re supposed to sprinkle the citrus on the wings. The big question though, is just how “wild” are they?

4. Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl (1990–1997)

Whether this referred to vaguely relevant lawn care (the game is played on grass, after all) or something more hallucinogenic, was ambiguous enough to have it discontinued. And changed to…

5. The Advocare V100 Independence Bowl (2009–2013)

Revolutionary space shuttle? Incredible new painkiller? Actually, a nutritional supplement, but that was pretty obvious, right?

6. Salad Bowl (1947–1955)

Despite how it sounds, it was still far more about football than taking in a healthy snack. No word on if the tailgating favorite was Caesar or tossed.

7. Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone (2004–2009)

Really rolls off the tongue, wouldn’t you say? Funny that the idea of naming your bowl game after both an amusing hotel chain and adding a salt-of-the-earth tire sponsor for good measure never took off.

8. San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (2005–2016)

Another that isn’t exactly fun to say over and over, but the incongruous pairing of the functionality of a credit union with the whimsical fun of seasonal poinsettias is, in a word, weird. Or should I say, in 6 long words?

9. Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl (2013–2015)

Not just a color, a “royal” color. Much classier, although still kind of meaningless.

10. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (2011–present)

I guess this isn’t technically so different from famous fruit and plant-themed bowls like the Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl but then when you look a bit closer, yes, it actually does seem pretty different.

11. Culligan Holiday Bowl (1998–2001)

Call me juvenile, but I can’t hear “Culligan” and “bowl” in the same sentence without adding “toilet”. Now, is that a bad thing? That’s for you to decide.

12. TaxSlayer Bowl (2015–2017)

Brought to you by Diomedes, the immortal warrior god dedicated to protecting the world from evil and maximizing your Roth IRA contributions.

13. Quick Lane Bowl (2014–present)

Oh, a bowling pun. I get it. I don’t particularly like it, but I get it.

14. Popeyes Bahamas Bowl (2014–2016)

C’mon, even undereducated sailors with vitamin deficiencies need a vacation now and then. Tell me you can’t picture Popeye lying next to the pool, throwing back a bunch of spinach margaritas while he works on his forearm tan.

15. Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (2010–present)

A clear theme here is bowl sponsors who don’t understand the appeal of brevity. Or the fact that nobody wants to combine their favorite sport with their soul-crushing 30-year debt commitment.

16. Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl (2017–present)

Ok, now they’re just screwing with us, right? Right?

17. Raisin Bowl (1946–1949)

Such a delightful snack, it seems like it deserves more respect than to have a bunch of angry men rough each other up over it. Just one step away from the Prune Bowl.

18. Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (2006–2013)

One of the most wildly successful college bowl marketing campaigns of all-time, Bell’s sales of used army helicopters absolutely skyrocketed after this game. Or was that spokesperson just messing with me?

19. Refrigerator Bowl (1948–1956)

Apparently named because it was held in the “refrigerator capital of the world”, Evansville, Illinois. Thank goodness it wasn’t being held in Hyde Park, NY, the “urinal cake capital of the world”.

20. Papajohns.com Bowl (2006–2010)

This is the natural evolution of marketing. Once everyone already knows your name and the product you sell, the obvious next step is showing off the fact that you have a website. And how do you do that? Just add .com of course. Congratulations, papajohns.com. Oh wait, is it capitalized or not? Too confusing. I’m just calling Little Caesar’s.

21. Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl (2017–present)

As is probably obvious, this one was named in honor of the famous pirate, José Gasparilla and how he got his start in banditry as a young boy, when he joined a gang of kids hired to mow lawns, but then mischievously did a really crappy job of it.

22. Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl (2010–12)

Does this refer to a holiday from Bridgepoint education? Or a celebration of Bridgepoint Education? Or just three things the sponsor remembered from childhood: Bridgepoint, education and holidays?

23. IBM/OS2 Fiesta Bowl (1993–1995)

Finally, something every football fan can relate to: a bowl game that celebrates the very best in custom operating systems. But not the first version. OS1 was total garbage.

24. Meineke Car Care Bowl (2005–2010)

The perfect blend of company plug and a gentle reminder that your vehicle is a major investment and deserves to be cared for like one of the family.

25. Gotham Bowl (1961–1962)

Wait, does this mean Robin is a real person? I can’t wait to rub it in to all those people who didn’t believe I really stood behind him in line at Panda Express last week.

26. Progressive Gator Bowl (2011)

It is nice to see how far we’ve come from the days when we always seemed to get stuck sitting next to grouchy old conservative gators complaining about how the swamps are all going downhill and yelling inappropriate anti-crocodile insults.

27. St. Petersburg Bowl presented by Beef O’Brady’s (2009)

When it comes to bowl game names, the longer the better, right? This name might be a mouthful, but I’m pretty sure those old Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would approve.

28. Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl (2014–2017)

One is immediately made to wonder just what Zaxby’s heart really looks like, considering the questionable nutritional value of their food. Could this be a friendly warning?

29. Duck Commander Independence Bowl (2014)

What is it about the Independence Bowl that attracts so many high-powered sponsors? I think it would make sense for the winner of the Duck Commander bowl to play the winner of the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl, although personally, I’m more excited for next year’s Squirrel Admiral Independence Bowl.

30. Godaddy.com Bowl (2011–2013)

See, this one actually needs the .com, or it gets really weird, really fast.

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