The Best Part-Time Job Ever!

Learn how to become a Sporcle Live Trivia Host!
Is there too much month at the end of your money? Have you robbed Peter to pay Paul so much that Peter has hired an attorney? Do you want a different income option than standing around at a place where you have to put on a nametag and a fake smile?

Well, my friend, your search for the best part-time gig has come to an end! As a Sporcle Live Trivia Host, you can have it all: Stardom, fame and cold hard cash wrapped up in THE coolest job you could ever have that’s fun and rewarding! That’s our end of the bargain…all you have to do is bring lots of personality and professionalism!

Sporcle Live Trivia takes everything about Sporcle online and adds people, food, drink, competition and prizes and mixes them together into an awesome evening of entertainment!

How? It all starts with the host.

Sure, anyone can ask 20 questions and go home. However, a Sporcle Live Trivia Host is the star of the show – an engaging master of wit and wisdom who turns two hours of general knowledge trivia into the best free entertainment choice that our players look forward to each and every week. There’s a little bit more involved, but here’s the bottom line: If you’re a party-starter and love to socialize, you’re who we’re looking for!

Sporcle Live gives you everything you need to make sure that you’re equipped for success. You’ll receive professional certification via paid training and all necessary supplies, equipment, trivia content written by the some of the finest thoughtful minds in the country, and an awesome community of co-hosts who will help you integrate into the Sporcle community seamlessly – either in-person or on social media. You can work however many days suit your schedule, and can earn anywhere between $50-$90 per trivia show. Plus, you are offered a 401K and gym stipend. All we ask is that once you’re hired, you commit to your schedule, show up on time, treat our players with respect, and have fun throwing a memorable party in your community. How easy is that?

Go ahead, take the next step and join our family of over 400 hosts nationwide! Check us out at to begin your career as the next star of Sporcle Live Trivia!

Look how much fun you can have!