New Badges: State Sweepstakes, Movie Night, and Topsy Badgy.


Don’t worry your computer screen is working just fine- it’s our quizzes that are upside-down.

StateSweepstakes_2.pngState Sweepstakes: We’d say these quizzes are but we don’t want you to leave our site. Get 100% on these geography minesweeper quizzes: US States Minesweeper, US States Minesweeper II, US States Minesweeper III.

MovieNight.pngMovie Night: The only thing missing is orange, globe-shaped popcorn. Play 25 movie quizzes from 6pm-midnight; all 25 must be completed within the same day.

TopsyBadgy.pngTopsy Badgy: Congratulations to katesutton for winning our badge contest! Get 50% or more on the quizzes in this playlist.



As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.