Sporcle Live Spotlight: Clackamas Pub & Eatery

Sporcle Live Spotlight: Clackamas Pub & Eatery

Portland Cider Company Clackamas Pub & Eatery, Clackamas, Oregon

Portland Cider Company was begun in 2012 by Jeff & Lynda Parrish, intended to be a marrying of English cider traditions with the new, innovative micro-brewing culture. Growing from concocting in a guest closet for personal enjoyment and then expanding to friends and family, Jeff and Lynda’s devotion to a quality product continues on a larger scale with 28 cider taps, a taproom and cidery, as well as occupying space on local retail shelves.

All that hard work and perseverance paid off! Portland Cider Company’s flagship Kinda Dry is blended in the spirit of traditional English Cider. Light, clean, and refreshing with a pleasant finish, the 6.5% ABV is the kind of cider you can drink all day long!

All of Portland’s ciders start with fresh-pressed juice from 100% Northwest grown apples. For the last three years, Portland Cider Company was voted the Best Cidery in Portland, and the last two years, it was voted the Best Cider House in Portland, both in the Willamette Week “Best of Portland” readers’ poll!

At Portland Cider Co.’s Clackamas Pub & Eatery, you can start off a great meal with a Soft Pretzel and Cider Fondue, Banger (sausage) & Cider Fondue, Scotch Eggs, or Curry & Chips.

The English Pub Fare includes delicious Shepherd’s Pie and Bangers and Mash. Shrubbery (salad) selections consist of Turkey, Bacon & Avocado and the Crispy Chicken Caesar.

For dessert, you can treat your tummy to the Scrumpy Cake! It’s a freshly baked vanilla bundt cake topped with chopped nuts, soaked in Portland Cider Company’s Scrumpy sauce, and served with vanilla ice cream.

Sporcle Live Trivia has joined forces with Portland Cider Company Clackamas Pub & Eatery to bring the best general knowledge trivia in the country! Every Wednesday beginning at 7 PM, players can compete for prizes!

Grab a glass and join us sometime soon! Like they say, “Drink it, it’s good!”