Sporcle Live Spotlight: Kelly’s Bleachers

Kelly's Bleachers

Kelly’s Bleachers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Proudly serving Milwaukee for the past 34 years, Kelly’s Bleachers is a city institution! There is a full bar menu with specials every day of the week, and Kelly’s L-O-V-E-S sports!

Calling all Brewers Fans! During baseball season, Kelly’s provides FREE shuttle service to every Milwaukee Brewers home game. Starting 2 hours prior to the game (3 hours on Saturdays) until the 3rd inning and from the top of the 6th inning until 45 minutes after the last out, you can hitch a safe and comfortable ride to watch one of the most competitive teams in Major League Baseball!

Before the game – or anytime your stomach is hankering for some serious grub – you can pore over Kelly’s extensive menu. Notoriously named for baseball terms, you can start off with items from “Batting Practice” (appetizers), but don’t expect to move past first base if you order the Big Daddy. Swinging at two grilled cheese sandwiches with a hefty beef patty in the middle without help could easily land you back in the bullpen until the 7th inning stretch.

Daily Lineup Specials feature Pizza Sundays, Chicken Dinner Mondays, Spaghetti & Meatball Tuesdays, Mexican Combo Wednesdays, Prime Rib Thursdays, Fish Fry Fridays, and Pitcher/Pizza/Appetizer Saturdays!

And Kelly’s Bleachers has a lot of indoor activities because…Milwaukee weather. There is trivia three days a week with Sporcle Live hosting the fun beginning Sundays at 4:30 PM and Thursdays starting at 7 PM with prizes for the first and second place teams. Music Bingo starts every Wednesday at 7 PM! For the baby sharks out there, Mondays and Wednesdays feature long-standing pool leagues. In the fall, Kelly’s has bean bag leagues (“Cornhole” for the Eastern Midwest folks). Starting in October, there are Beer Pong leagues that come with the stern advisory that this is indeed BEER pong – not water pong – so you ARE expected to drink the beer. Obviously, last man standing wins.