How Sporcle Live Pub Trivia Helps Increase Bar Revenue

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

How Sporcle Live Pub Trivia Helps Increase Bar Revenue
Thinner than a razor blade. That’s what margins are like in the bar and restaurant industry. So, it’s a dagger to the heart of every bar owner when their pub sits 10% full on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. That’s where Sporcle Live has come in, helping several hundreds of pub owners increase revenue across the United States.

What Is Sporcle Live Trivia?

At its core, Sporcle Live trivia shows are designed to increase bar foot traffic in a bar or pub and to get that foot traffic to spend money for 2-3 hours per night. We want to make that razor blade mentioned above a little less sharp.

Our live competitive bar trivia games are team based. It’s in a team’s best interest to bring in as many people as possible to help them win. People like to win. That’s a fact. So, more people sitting in a bar means more money is being spent. While some trivia companies may limit team size/participants, we never want to minimize a bar’s chance to increase revenue, especially on a weeknight.

We’ve been doing this for so long (almost ten years!) that we’ve learned there’s a science to it. Our game format was built the way it is because we want it to be a social experience. We want to encourage people to have fun while enjoying the company they’re with as well as your food & drinks. There are other trivia companies out there that think more is better and try to stuff as much trivia as they can into the time they have – forcing your customer to spend less time drinking, eating, and socializing, and more time playing trivia. Not the best recipe for success.

What Makes Sporcle Live Pub Trivia Different?

With Sporcle Live’s format, each question is spread about 2 minutes apart with a short break in between each game. This naturally causes more opportunities for the bar’s customers to order more food and drinks.

But what’s the secret to prolonged success? We’ve got a few things that set us apart. First, our Sporcle Live Certified Hosts are trained to get as many people playing in a bar as possible. We even pay our hosts a percentage based on how many people they have playing, so you know they’ll do their job to get people playing. Secondly, we do two one-hour games per night. This allows people to not feel penalized (or worse yet, just not show up) by showing up a little late. It also allows for double the number of winners. Those that do one long game often alienate the teams who show up late and again, we’re not about costing our partnered bars revenue.

Perhaps the most significant thing though is our Pub Champions Trivia League. The trivia league runs every thirteen weeks. Teams that do well in the league at a bar are invited to represent their home bar and compete in big league championships in their area. In 2018, those events will have paid out over $100,000 in cash prizes! Again, people like to win, and we offer big money to be won.

Increase Bar Revenue With Sporcle Live

At the end of the day, it’s all about improving margins at the bar, right? Haymaker Public House in Ann Arbor hosts Sporcle Live pub trivia shows three nights per week. Below is their sales data the hour before, the hours of, and the hour after Sporcle Live. We look at Tuesday and Wednesday (the trivia shows) vs. Monday and Thursday (the non-trivia nights). Clearly, this data shows we’ve helped their bottom line in a significant manner. Haymaker’s trivia area is a modest sized 70 seat dining room. All of their shows average 95% capacity of that room.

To see a 20-second video of Haymaker filling up for bar trivia, or to request more information about hosting Sporcle Live, click here.

How Sporcle Live Trivia can help increase your bar's revenue.

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