Sporcle Live has Hosted 20,000 shows since 2013

Not 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

20,000 is the number of times since 2013 that bar owners across the country have trusted Sporcle Live to increase their revenue on an otherwise slower night.  That’s a number we’re proud of.  And that number is even higher if you include shows from the 4 years of Great Lakes Trivia before we became a part of Sporcle.

Bar owners aren’t allowing us to host our live pub trivia shows over 20,000 times in their establishment if they don’t make money from it.  Many bar owners report a $1,000-$3,000 increase on their trivia nights with us.

But how did we get to 20,000 shows hosted in five years?

There are a few reasons that jump out:

  1. Our uber-talented Live Trivia Hosts perform each show with entertaining the crowd in mind.  The hosts get paid by Sporcle based on how many people they have playing.  That means they hustle to get people playing week in and week out.  If a trivia company just pays their host a flat fee – how motivated are they?  Giving our Live Trivia Hosts extra incentive is key to a successful trivia night!
  2. Our enthusiastic, loyal player base.  We regularly have teams in some areas who will play 2-3 nights per week or more.  We even have a handful of teams who play six nights per week at different bars!  People who enjoy pub trivia know that Sporcle stands out from the rest.
  3. The bars we work with are treated as true partners.  We’ve been lucky enough in our business to be picky about the bars we work with, really.  Our bars put an investment of time and promotion behind our trivia nights, and they get rewarded for it.  We work with bars that to be blunt; we’d also want to spend our hard earned money in having a beer and bite to eat in on a weeknight.  Believe it or not, we turn away about 25% of the bars that request our services as some aren’t always the right fit – this is an investment for both parties and we certainly don’t want to waste a bar’s time and money or ours.

But this blog post is about a single number – 20,000.  So, let us send the point home for you.  If the average bar does increase their sales by $1,000 (on the low end) and we’ve hosted 20,000 shows in five years, that’s $20 million that Sporcle Live pub trivia shows have helped bar increase their sales by!

If you want more information on how to be a part of that $20 million, click here.