New Badges: Stuff Your Face, Panamania, and Showdown Throwdown.


 We invite you to challenge a friend, sibling, or maybe even your Grandma to a Sporcle throwdown.

StuffYourFace (1).pngStuff Your Face: If you’re not hungry now you will be after playing these quizzes. Play 25 food quizzes in a day to earn this badge.

PanamaBadge.pngPanamania: Getting 100% on these three quizzes makes you a certified panamaniac. Get 50% or more on The Panama Quiz, Provinces of Panama, and Top 25 Cities of Panama.

ShowdownThrowdown2.pngShowdown Throwdown: Are you ready for an old-fashioned Sporcle throwdown? Play 10 showdowns to earn this badge.



As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.