Sporcle Live Spotlight: Braindead Brewing

Braindead Brewing

Braindead Brewing, Dallas, Texas

“We’re kinda like the hip hop duo Black Star… but instead of making awesome rap, we make ridiculously good beer and food.” That’s a bold statement by management, but Braindead Brewing lives up to the hype, and everyone else agrees. Great food and beer is definitely the foundation of this place with great service making it the brew trifecta!

Ridiculously good beer flavors include core beers like Gritz, the pre-prohibition Cream Ale. At 4.4% ABV, it’s an approachable yet obscure light blonde ale style descended from old world golden lagers, brewed with malted barley, wheat, raw maire, and noble-type hops for a crisp and immensely drinkable ale.

The Nimus, sliding in at 4.8% ABV, a dry-hopped American Pale Ale with wheat, is a mashup of two classic styles that defined the early modern brewing Renaissance with the sweet and grassy grain profile of an American wheat beer and the hop character of an orange, citrus-forward American pale ale.

Topping the ABV scale at 10.9% is Memory Hole, an American Barleywine that has a generous toffee and estery fruit sweetness on the nose. The first taste is a sublime mix of earthy oak and sharp citrusy bitterness wrapped together in a slightly warm alcohol burn. It’s a true American take on the English strong ale.

Any flower in the bouquet of Braindead beers goes great with the food. For starters, the Bacon Flight is four styles of house-made bacon with four “badass” beers. Who can say no to that? Munchie Madness is just that, ancho honey peanuts, bacon beer brittle, and house-made Chex mix.

For a main course, Use Your Zoodle is a tasty plate of zucchini noodles, pistachio basil pesto, arugula, heirloom cherry tomato and bell pepper. The Thick and Morty burger will have you full until next week with Wagyu chuck, American cheese, house bacon, steak sauce, grilled onion with shoestring fries.

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