Sporcle Live Spotlight: The Lost Cuban

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

The Lost Cuban

The Lost Cuban, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Authentic Cuban food in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? It may sound questionable, but once you step inside The Lost Cuban, and the aroma hits you, your concerns will start to leave. Grab a menu and take seat. Glance across the many yummy choices and maybe check out the plates going to other tables…

If you’re not feeling adventurous – considering you just walked into a Cuban restaurant in Cedar Rapids, you can try the Cuban Burger or the Cuban Hot Dog with a side of Arroz Blanco (white rice) or Frijoles Negro (Black Beans) and the Cuban (house) Salad.

The Lost Cuban also serves breakfast! An Omelette Sandwich is the perfect to-go meal before heading in to work.

And if you haven’t tried the best live trivia on the planet, stop in on Wednesday night starting at 7 PM for two games of Sporcle Live Trivia!

For a change or pace, to try something new, or to satisfy a craving for the real deal, The Lost Cuban is the place for you!!!


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