Sporcle Live Spotlight: The Blue Door Pub – Lyn-Lake

Blue Door Pub

The Blue Door Pub – Lyn-Lake, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Opened in 2008, The Blue Door Pub is home to the Blucy, Blue Door’s twist on the Minnesota classic – the Juicy Lucy.

What’s a Blucy? In Blue Door’s own words, it’s “Two fresh-ground Angus beef patties collaborating to encompass a veritable cornucopia of ingredients, creating a cavern of delectable deliciousness. It’s a collision of culinary creativity and Northern ingenuity.” In layman’s terms, all the goodness is on the INSIDE of the burger. Take one bite, and you’re transported to Flavor Town.

At The Blue Door Pub, you can stuff your Blucy with anything you want:

  • The “regular” Blucy is filled with blue cheese and garlic.
  • The Bacon Blucy is stuffed with a heavenly combination of smoked bacon-cheddar and bacon.
  • Or how about a little Horsekick? It’s a bleu cheese & cream cheese blend with onion strings, horsekick sauce, and served with au jus.

There are even more versions of Blucy goodness available along with single-patty/non-stuffed burgers, like the Jiffy Burger, which is covered in peanut butter, mayonnaise, pepper jack cheese, thick-cut bacon, and pickles.

From all the appetizers, sandwiches, wings, and salads on The Blue Door Pub menu, if you came hungry, you won’t leave that way!

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