Sporcle Live Spotlight: Doc’s Sports Retreat

Doc’s Sports Retreat

Doc’s Sports Retreat, Livonia, Michigan

If you’re looking for the ultimate in a sports bar, look no further than Doc’s Sports Retreat in Livonia, Michigan. It’s the perfect place to catch your favorite team on their many TVs, with great food served by a great staff.

But that’s not all! What would a retreat be without an outdoor element? Doc’s has an outdoor patio surrounded by water and floating fountains which also features a full-service bar, digital jukebox, and large windows that slide open to allow fresh air and plenty of TVs.

The “treat” part of this retreat is that there is also a poker room which offers the ultimate poker environment centered around the players. Doc’s offers quality equipment that includes premium poker tables with state-of-the-art auto shufflers, chairs, and chips.

To help you get over that midweek hump, Sporcle Live Trivia starts at 7 PM with family-sized fun and prizes to the winning team!

Doc’s Sports Retreat is the perfect place to get away any day of the week!


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