New Badges: African Safari, Breakout Performance, DesertBadgtan


If  DesertSpartan tried out for The Voice, we’d like to think Africa would be their audition song.  

AfricanTour.pngAfrican Safari: What could be better than a Sporcle African safari? Play at least one Africa quiz for 54 consecutive days to earn this badge.

BreakoutPerformance2.pngBreakout Performance: The quizzes themselves are the definition of entertainment. Play 100 Entertainment quizzes you haven’t played before.

Desertspartan2 (1).pngDesertBadgtan: All Spartans and non-Spartans welcome to participate. Play 25 Clickable DesertSpartan quizzes in one day.


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.