A Laughing Matter | What Is National Tell a Joke Day?

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2018)

What Is National Tell a Joke Day?
Some holidays are serious and somber, and others are just plain silly. Falling into the latter category is National Tell a Joke Day, an annual celebration of laughter observed each August 16th. So, just what is National Tell a Joke Day all about?

What is National Tell a Joke Day?

National Tell a Joke Day is an annual holiday celebrated on August 16th. There are no official Congressional records, nor Presidential proclamations, to suggest when this holiday actually began. While we know it has been celebrated for a while now, the actual origin of National Tell a Joke Day is unknown.

As the name suggests, this holiday is all about telling jokes. It is a lighthearted celebration that shouldn’t be taken too seriously; it’s a day to have fun!

What Is a Joke?

A joke is something that is spoken, written, or done with humorous intent. They can come in many different forms. Jokes have been around for a long time, and have played an integral role in human history.

Verbal and written jokes might be short, like one-liners (a short sentence that is funny), or they might be long stories that pack a humorous punch at the end. There are also specific types of jokes, like knock-knock jokes or Dad jokes. Sometimes, a joke might try to make light of a serious situation, or they will attempt to make a social commentary, like with satire. A joke might also be something physical, like a prank or a practical joke, where it is the action rather than the words that is funny.

One thing all jokes have in common is their purpose: to entertain others by providing humor. They are for the enjoyment of friends or onlookers.

It is important to remember, however, that timing and delivery can be key when it comes to jokes. Not all jokes are funny, and so it is crucial that you know your audience when attempting them.

What Are the Benefits of Laughter?

So, you aren’t too sure about this humorous holiday. That’s okay, we understand that the world can be a sad, serious place. Not everything is a laughing matter. However, did you know that laughter has many health benefits?

For one, jokes can relax you. When you are feeling stressed, laughter can help lighten the mood and make you feel more at ease. Even the most serious individuals need to crack a smile every now and then. A well-timed joke can also be used to help cheer up others. Laughter can be a great tool in helping distract one from the worries that might be prevalent in their life.

There are other health benefits to laughter as well. Smiling burns calories, and laughing works your abdominal muscles. Furthermore, laughing releases endorphins into your brain, which makes you feel good.

How To Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day

1. Learn Some Jokes, Tell Some Jokes

Thanks to the Internet, there is no limit to the joke material you can find. How about starting off your day by learning a few new jokes? Once you have a few in mind, you can practice them and tell them to others.

Or, if you lack an audience, you can always post jokes online. Share your favorites jokes on social media, and remember to use the #NationalTellAJokeDay hashtag.

Telling jokes is what this holiday is literally all about!

2. Watch a Comedy Show

If telling jokes isn’t really your thing, you can always watch other people do it. National Tell a Joke Day is the perfect time to get out of the house and go to a local comedy club. Or, if you prefer to be a couch potato, you can always watch a comedy special on TV or online. There are definitely some good ones on Netflix and Hulu.

3. Play Joke Quizzes on Sporcle

Have you checked out Sporcle.com? On Sporcle, you can find thousands of trivia quizzes on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Click here to find the best Joke quizzes and games you’ll find on the Internet. Classic Clickable Jokes and Bad Dad Jokes! are a couple of our favorites.

4. Earn Your Jokin’ Around Badge

Did you know that playing quizzes on Sporcle can help you unlock achievement badges? The more you play, the more badges you can earn. Some badges can only be earned on certain dates.

The Jokin’ Around badge can only be earned on August 16th (aka National Tell a Joke Day), so now is the time to try and earn it!

But before setting off to enjoy National Tell a Joke Day, make sure to tell us your favorite jokes in the comments below – just keep them clean! (Clean jokes tend to take more creativity and skill anyway).

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