21 of the Best Gina Linetti Quotes

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Best Gina Linetti Quotes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an ensemble comedy with a killer cast. Every character is given their moments in the lime light, but no one steals a scene like the civilian administrator Gina Linetti.

As one of the only non-cops of the cast, it would be easy for Gina to get glossed over in favor of the crime-oriented storylines led by other characters. But actress Chelsea Peretti makes Gina impossible to look away from. Unstoppably confident, insightful, and sarcastic, Linetti spouts some of the best one liners of the show. The best Gina Linetti quotes mix a little bit of that confidence with a well-placed pop culture reference or unexpected metaphor.

Here Are 21 of the Best Gina Linetti Quotes

On Her Favorite Subject, Herself:

“Hi, Gina Linetti. The human form of the 100 emoji.”

“My mother cried on the day I was born because she knew she would never be better than me.”

“I feel like I’m the Paris of people.”

“As everyone knows, my spirit animal is nature’s greatest predator, the wolf.”

“I grew up forging report cards. If people knew how smart I was, it would have been harder to control them.”

“What? The only thing I’m not good at is modesty, because I’m great at it.”

On Work:

“I’d describe the workflow today as dismal with a tiny dash of pathetic.”

“Every time you talk I hear that sound that plays when Pacman dies.”

“Oh, boy. Look, I’m not a cop. I don’t really like cops. Honestly, I think crime’s kind of cool.”

“I worked at a sunglass kiosk at the mall for four years, so not only have I been through hell, I was assistant manager there.”

“How am I not a cop, Terry? ‘Cause I don’t have a badge? Being a cop is a state of mind.”

On Politics:

“I was thinking how I would make the perfect American president based upon my skill set, dance ability, and blood lust.”

“You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics. I have great hair, and I love lying.”

On Celebrities:

“This man is a Timberlake and you need to stop treating him like a Fatone.”

“But watching Oprah have lunch with her strong female friends has taught me that it’s okay to forgive.”

“I would spend my $5,000 to buy backstage passes to Britney, and then I’d ask her one question: You think you’re a better dancer than me?”

“Attention, skeezy nobodies! Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mom-ager, has contacted me and wants to audition me tonight. I’ve transcended you now.”

On Communication:

“The English language cannot fully capture the depth and complexity of my thoughts, so I’m incorporating emoji into my speech to better express myself. Winky face.”

“It’s Gina’s phone. Leave me a voice-mail. I won’t check it ’cause it’s not 1993.”

“Amateur. Always say your insults to someone’s face. No paper trail.”

“Okay, but if you do lie, you can’t go wrong with dental emergency. Or death of a triplet. Now, that one you can use twice. Smart.”

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