New Badges: Festive Face-Off, Bennie and the Badge, and Creepy Crawly


Tis’ the season for creepy dancers and tiny crawlies, or is it the other way around? 

HolidayChallenge.pngFestive Face-Off: It’s like going to the ultimate battle of the holidays, except we won’t force you to eat grandma’s fruit cake. Play 100 holiday quizzes to earn this badge.

BennieAndTheBadge.pngBennie and the Badge: Try reciting the lyrics to Bennie and the Jets while taking this quiz for an extra challenge. Score 100% on the Elton John Studio Albums quiz.

CreepyCrawly.pngCreepy Crawly: No bug spray required (unless you’re taking these quizzes in the jungle). Get 75% or more on Largest Insect Orders, Creepy… Crawly…Bugs!, Do They Bite or Sting?, and Insect Body Sections.



As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.