Why Did It Take so Long for The Incredibles 2 to Get Made?

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

Why Did It Take so Long for The Incredibles 2 to Get Made?
Many young adults remember the superhero family of their childhood, The Incredibles. This successful Pixar movie was released in 2004, and achieved worldwide box office sales of over $600 million.

The plot of The Incredibles follows Bob and Helen Parr, two former superheroes known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. They have adopted a civilian lifestyle in the suburbs, where they are raising three children, all of whom also have their own superpowers. This nice, quiet life is disrupted when Mr. Incredible gets summoned for a top-secret mission. What follows is a quest to save the city of Metroville, with the whole family eventually getting involved.

The Incredibles was a commercial and critical success. However, unlike most financially successful animated films, there was no sequel released following the first film (even though the film itself sets up for one). It would take fourteen years for a sequel to finally be released, begging many to wonder why it took so long? Most of the kids that loved The Incredibles are now grown-up. So why did it take so long for The Incredibles 2 to get made?

Why Did It Take so Long for The Incredibles 2 to Get Made?

The first movie ended with a cliff hanger, revealing that a second movie would be in the works. However, year after year, Pixar released many movies and The Incredibles 2 was never a part of the lineup. However, early in 2018, a poster and trailer were released indicating a new Incredibles movie set to be released on June 15, 2018.

While millennials were elated to hear of the return of this beloved superhero family, many are wondering why it took so long for the movie to be released, and if Pixar had a creative explanation for the delay.

Many loyal Pixar fans may also recall the long gap between the release of Monster’s Inc. and its prequel, Monsters University. Some have speculated that the long gap between these movies was Pixar’s way of keeping the film relevant for fans. Monsters University was released right around the time that the movie’s main audience would have been preparing for college.

That same form of creative genius may have been at play with Pixar’s other fan favorite, Toy Story. Despite the popularity of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Pixar waited nearly ten years before releasing Toy Story 3. Like Monster’s Inc., fans have various theories about the delay in the release, with one popular idea being that young fans would be entering college around the same time as Andy, one of the characters in the movie.

Pixar’s Answer

When asked about the delay in the making of The Incredibles 2, director Brad Bird commented that the gap came down to the story. During a press conference, Brad told numerous reporters that many sequels are nothing more than a “cash grab.” He mentions that in the movie world, it is common knowledge that if you don’t make a sequel to a well-received movie, you are “leaving money on the table.”

But Bird wanted the sequel to The Incredibles to be more than that, stating, “Money on the table is not what makes me get up in the morning; making something that people are gonna enjoy a hundred years from now, that’s what gets me up.”

The Incredibles 2

Like the first movie, The Incredibles 2 is expected to explore the different roles and cultural norms of men and women. A couple themes that the makers hope to capture is, the importance of a father’s participation in a child’s life, and the importance of a woman’s ability to express herself in the workplace. The trailer reveals that in the sequel Elastigirl will go to work while Mr. Incredible stays home with the baby, Jack-Jack. Bird’s idea for the movie was to focus on the role switch between the two parental characters.

The Incredibles 2 will be released on June 15, 2018, likely creating new fans, and evoking nostalgia in the old and loyal fans who enjoyed the first movie fourteen years ago.

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