What Is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Many faithful dog owners understand the joy of entering your home after a long day of work to find your furry friend waiting anxiously for your return. These reunions tend to be filled lots of tail wagging, licking, and happiness. I mean, who else is ever that excited to see you?

Each year, June 22nd marks the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay), a holiday celebrated by hundreds of companies every year. On this day, participating companies invite employees to bring their furry friends of every breed into the office, and many companies even plan special events to celebrate the dogs on their day.

History of The Holiday

The first TYDTWDay was celebrated by an estimated 300 companies in 1999. It has since been celebrated every year on the Friday after Father’s Day. The day was created by Pet Sitter International (PSI), an educational association for professional pet sitters. The PSI’s goal behind the day was to promote adoptions by celebrating the companionship owners have in a dog. Participation in the holiday increases every year, as does the web traffic and media coverage of the celebrations.

If you want to raise awareness about this holiday, make sure to use the hashtag #TakeYourDogToWorkDay when posting about it on social media.

Benefits of the Holiday

What many participating employers are realizing about this special day is that not only is it good for the dogs’ soul, but also for the owners’ productivity. Over the years of celebrating this day, companies have seen multiple benefits attributed to the holiday. Some of the best outcomes from TYDTWDay are:

  • Workplace Interaction – There tends to be a comradery among dog owners, and this day allows these friendships to enter the workplace. Not only does it create conversation between fellow dog owners, but it also provides opportunity for non-dog owners to interact with the animals and their owners.
  • Less Stress, More WorkStudies show that interaction with dogs is known to reduce stress. This day allows this tension-zapping practice to enter the workplace, a common area of high stress for many. Reduced stress has seen direct links to workplace productivity.
  • Gets Workers Moving – A common reputation of a nine to five job is a sedentary lifestyle throughout the day. Many office jobs require employees to sit in front of a computer for eight hours. This is a problem the workplace has been trying to solve over the years with standing desks and in-house company gyms. A dog provides the ideal solution for this issue. A dog requires bathroom breaks and walks throughout the day, which encourages employees to leave their desk and get a little exercise.
  • Employee Satisfaction – All of these benefits of TYDTWDay play a role in the ultimate benefit of employee satisfaction. On this day, employees on average have less stress, more exercise, and zero separation anxiety from their beloved dog.

But What About My Cat?

Maybe you’re a cat person. Well, don’t worry, there is also a celebration for your feline friend, and many other of your beloved pets. The whole week leading up to TYDTWDay is considered Take Your Pet to Work Week, and the Monday of this week is specifically determined to be Take Your Cat to Work Day.

There are hundreds of companies that participate in take you dog to work day every year, and even some companies that allow dogs in the office every day of the year. Reach out to your manager to see if this is a holiday your company sees fit to celebrate!

The Dogs of Sporcle

At Sporcle, we don’t really need a holiday to remind us to bring in our dogs to work. Furry friends are an almost daily occurrence at our office. Curious to meet a few of these pups? We would like to introduce you to a few of the Sporcle dogs…

Mark’s dogs Sayid and Luna playing in Lake Washington.

Derek’s dog Bailey giving technical advice to Sporcle’s engineers.

Derek’s other dog Roxy is all bark and no bite (but don’t tell her that)!

Traci’s dogs Ollie and Lumi curled up on a lazy afternoon.

Eric’s dog Jean Luc wasting away in Margaritaville.

Kristin’s dog Stryker ready for some Sporcle Live Trivia at our Michigan office.

Becca’s dog Eva sporting a beautiful leaf necklace.

Becca’s other dog Arrow enjoying some rare Seattle sun.

John’s dog Barkley wondering if the Eagles can repeat as Super Bowl Champs.

Sporcle’s office dog George just showed up one day. Here he contemplates how to better motivate Sporcle employees.

And Let’s Not Forget About Sporcle Bots!

If you love both dogs and Sporcle, wait until you get to meet the Sporcle Bots. Sporcle users can challenge these canine bots in Showdown, and each comes with a unique profile and difficulty level. So if you can’t take your dog to work, at least you can play with one! Read more about Sporcle Bots here.

SporcleGeorge is one laid back dog. Think “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski. If he wins, great. If not, no big deal. He’s always happy, especially when bacon is involved.

SporcleBailey is steady, conservative, and not one to take a lot of risks. A natural born leader, SporcleBailey knows trivia well, but likes to play Sporcle just for the fun of it.

SporcleOliver is British, fancy, and if you take note of his monocle, a bit pretentious. Trivia is definitely this pup’s cup of tea, and he presents a nice challenge for even the most experienced Sporclers.

SporcleLuna is everyone’s favorite Russian bot. Hailing from Volgograd, this pup prodigy is a trivia savant. Like her idol, Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, she will break you.

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