Sporcle Live Spotlight: Buffalo Wild Wings (Mentor, OH)

Mentor Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, Mentor, Ohio

Buffalo Wild Wings is synonymous with good times, great food, and fun. Every time you walk into one, it’s just like walking into one of their commercials: Lots of people licking wing sauce off their fingers, grabbing a cold, humidity-drizzled glass of beer, and simultaneous jumping and cheering at the many TV screens with your like-minded sports brethren. It’s everything you’re used to.

The Mentor Buffalo Wild Wings is a welcome sports oasis. They have it all covered from every angle, and the staff is as friendly as you’ll find anywhere. Plus, Wednesday nights feature two games of Sporcle Live Trivia at 7 and 8 PM!

What’s better than all of the above in one place? When you find out, let me know.