Sporcle Live Spotlight: A Pizza Mart (First Hill)

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

A Pizza Mart (First Hill)

A Pizza Mart (First Hill), Seattle, Washington

Pizza and booze. What’s not to like? That’s the formula for the latest pie bar in the successful A Pizza Mart empire located on Seneca Street in Capitol Hill.

It’s everything you would expect with its name: A Mart for Pizza. There’s American Pizza, Italian Pizza, Greek Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, Euro Pizza, Mexican Pizza…inhale…Taco Pizza, Meat Combo Pizza, Chicken Ranch Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza…you get the point. Appetizers, salads, calzones and dessert are also on the menu.

With the seemingly infinite combination of ingredients you can pile on pizza, it’s understandable if a decision doesn’t come easily. That’s okay, there’s a solution for that! Single (or multiple) slices! Have a few of one or one of each, it doesn’t matter. Partner your pizza with a beer during happy hour, and you’re in business!

On Wednesdays at 8 and 9 PM, Sporcle Live Trivia happens. Just make sure to wipe (or lick) the sauce off your fingers before turning in your answers.


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