10 of the Best Harry Potter Quizzes on the Internet

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

The 10 Best Harry Potter Quizzes on the Internet
How much do you know about Harry Potter? Are you simply a first year, or have you amassed the knowledge and training required to pass your N.E.W.T exam? The only way to really be sure of your Harry Potter knowledge is to test yourself, and thankfully, Sporcle has you covered. Want to test your wizarding skills with a few of the best Harry Potter quizzes you’ll find anywhere?

Here are 10 of best Harry Potter quizzes on the Internet:

Harry Potter Books

Okay, let’s start with the basics. If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you should have some familiarity with the novels that actually make up the series. Can you name the 7 Harry Potter books? Click the link above to play and find out.

Harry Potter Bunker

Remember the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It was the one with multiple choice questions that start out easy, but get progressively harder as you go. The “Harry Potter Bunker” borrows this format. Make sure to choose wisely though, select the wrong answer and the quiz ends. And if you enjoy this quiz, make sure to check out this sequel quiz.

Harry Potter Top 200

In a test of strength and stamina, the “Harry Potter Top 200” is the ultimate Harry Potter character gauntlet. Sure, you can probably name a few of the main characters, but you’ll have to dig deep if you want to get these all right, a feat which less than 4% of people can accomplish. Challenge accepted!

‘Harry Potter’ Start to Finish

In this quiz, you will be given a series of events from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and it will be up to you to put them in the right chronological order. We recommend that you start with the first quiz in the series, and work through all the rest in this handy playlist.

Harry Potter Deaths in Order

Throughout the Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling hit us with some pretty shocking deaths. Recently, the British author mentioned that she feels regret for killing off Dobby. As sad as that was, there is no question that death plays a large theme throughout the Harry Potter franchise. In this quiz, we give you a bunch of characters. Do you remember which order they died in?

Hogwarts Apparition Exam

Sporcle super-user bhenderson79 has created a series of beautifully made Harry Potter quizzes, all which test a player’s knowledge of various topics from the magical world of Harry Potter. Make sure to read the clues carefully, and if you like this “Hogwarts Apparition Exam”, check out other similar exam quizzes in this playlist.

Harry Potter Logic Puzzle

Do you have the intelligence of Hermione, the courage of Ron, and well-developed logical thinking skills? If so, try out this “Harry Potter Logic Puzzle”. Be warned though, amateurs need not apply here. This quiz also has a sequel you can play here.

30 in 60: Harry Potter Characters

30 characters. 60 seconds. And unlimited fun! In this quiz, you have to quickly match each character’s first name to their surname. While it might seem easy, the time really is a factor. Don’t waste too much time overthinking this. You’ve got to click quick if you’re going to make it through to the end.

Criteria Characters: Harry Potter

Criteria quizzes can be tough to get into, but once you figure out how to play them, they are a fun challenge. In this quiz, you are given 12 characters, and 12 criteria. The first character you select has to fulfill all 12 given criteria. When you guess that right, the bottom criterion disappears and the next answer has to fulfill the remaining 11 criteria. The next has the remaining 10 criteria, etc. until you finish. This quiz has a sequel too. Play it here.

Harry Potter Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram quizzes are similar to Criteria quizzes in that you are sorting characters based on different criteria, but these quizzes are presented in a more visual format, and are usually easier to get into. The “Harry Potter Venn Diagram” is great fun, and a nice challenge.

More Harry Potter

This wraps up our list of 10 of the best Harry Potter quizzes on the internet. Of course, Sporcle has thousands of other Harry Potter quizzes you can choose from. Click here to visit the Harry Potter quiz page on Sporcle.

You can also test your Harry Potter knowledge live at a Harry Potter themed trivia night.

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