What Are the Six Infinity Stones from Marvel?

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2018)

 What Are the Six Infinity Stones?

What Are the Six Infinity Stones?

Warning: Mild spoilers for Marvel Cinematic Universe films are included.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), everything is connected. Each new Marvel film set in this universe is meant to build off the previous, pushing forward a long narrative that has been building for the last ten years.

If you are at all familiar with MCU films, you know that throughout the saga, many of your favorite Marvel superheroes have tried to keep powerful stones out of the hands of evil villains. The Avengers, for example, were after something called a Tesseract, while Thor tries to capture Aether. To the casual fan, these powerful objects might not seem all that special, but there is a reason bad guys are constantly trying to get their hands on them.

These gems are known as Infinity Stones, and there are six total. What Are the Six Infinity Stones? There is the Space Stone, the Mind Stone, the Reality Stone, the Time Stone, the Power Stone, and the Soul Stone. They can give unfathomable power to whoever possess them all.

The Infinity Stones are at the heart of the most recent MCU film, Avengers: Infinity War. In the movie, an evil, purple guy named Thanos wants to collect all six stones so he can destroy half the universe. As he tries to hunt them down, it is up to Marvel superheroes to stop him.

With so many MCU films, it can be hard to keep track of every plot element from each film, especially when everything is supposed to tie together. Let’s take a look at each of the six Infinity Stones.

Space Stone (Tesseract)

The Space Stone allows someone to teleport from one part of the universe to another. It is kept hidden inside a blue cube called the Tesseract. In Captain America: The First Avenger, the evil villain Red Skull uses Tesseract to power weapons for his organization, before the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. recovers it.

In The Avengers, Loki steals the Space Stone and uses it to open a portal that allows an alien army to invade Earth. The film ends with Thor taking the Tesseract back to his home planet of Asgard for safe keeping. The stone is next seen in Thor: Ragnarok, where it is alluded that the stone is stolen once again by Loki.

Reality Stone (Aether)

The Reality Stone gives one the power to manipulate matter. Seen in Thor: The Dark World, the stone manifests itself as a red, floating liquid called Aether. A villain named Malekith tries to use this Aether to turn matter into dark matter, before being stopped by Thor. At the end of the film, it is given to a character called The Collector for safekeeping. Aether can attach itself to a host, making that individual stronger.

Power Stone (Orb)

The Power Stone, also known as the Orb due to its color and shape, gives one an immense amount of power and energy. So much energy, in fact, that the Power Stone can be used to destroy an entire planet. Star Lord discovers the stone in Guardians of the Galaxy, before Ronan the Accuser steals it from him. Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians eventually steal the Orb back, giving it to the Nova Corps, a space police organization, for safekeeping.  

Mind Stone (Loki’s Scepter/Vision)

The Mind Stone is first seen in The Avengers as a blue orb in Loki’s scepter. When Loki touches someone with his scepter, he can control their mind. At the beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers recover Loki’s scepter. Using the Mind Stone within it, they create Ultron, an artificially intelligent peace-keeping program that eventually turns on them.  

To help combat Ultron, the Avengers eventually use the Mind Stone to create Vision, an android with lots of powers, like super-strength and the ability to fly. Vision ultimately helps the Avengers defeat Ultron. The Mind Stone currently can be found in Vision’s forehead.

Time Stone (Eye of Agomoto)

The Time Stone gives one the power to rewind or fast forward time. The Time Stone is first seen in Doctor Strange. While studying in the mystic arts, Stephen Strange finds the Time Stone in the Eye of Agomoto pendant at the library of Kamar-Taj. At the end of the film, Strange traps villain Dormammu in a time loop. He ultimately returns the Time Stone to Kamar-Taj.

Soul Stone

As of yet, the concept of souls have not been explored much in the MCU. The Soul Stone has yet to appear in any films. In the comics, the Soul Stone has been used in the past to control souls both living and dead. It has also been used to bring people back to life. How the Soul Stone is used in the MCU will likely be answered in Avengers: Infinity War. One common fan theory is that the Soul Stone resides in Wakanda, home country of the Black Panther.

Where Are the Six Infinity Stones?

It’s okay if keeping track of all these stones seems like a lot. Avengers: Infinity War should shed even further light on the powers that each of these stones possess. To recap, here is where each Infinity Stone is located at the start of Infinity War.

Space Stone: Likely held by Loki or Thanos.
Reality Stone: The Collector has it.
Power Stone: In the possession of Nova Corps.
Mind Stone: In Vision’s forehead.
Time Stone: Located in Kamar-Taj library.
Soul Stone: Remains missing.

Will Thanos be able to collect all six stones? Clearly, there is much to be answered in Avengers: Infinity War.