The Simpsons Trivia Team Names

The Simpsons Trivia Team Names
The Simpsons have been around for a long time… A very long time. Over 30 years, in fact. Given its long run, it’s no wonder that the show has become a goldmine of great moments, iconic scenes, and funny phrases. With so much inspiration to pull from, you should have no issues coming up with a perfect name at your next pub trivia show. Still, if you need a little inspiration, how about checking out 18 of our favorite Simpsons trivia team names.

Simpsons Trivia Team Names

1. Kwik-E-Smarts

A fun pun on the iconic convenience store from the show, the Kwik-E-Mart. A good name that’s bound to get chuckles and eye-rolls alike!


Boo. Burns. Boourns. Get it? You’re saving time and space by putting them together, and can still voice your dislike of Mr. Burns while you do it. Win, win.

3. Gummy Venus De Milos

A great reference to the episode where Homer goes nuts over a gummy version of the Venus De Milos. Lets just say it gets him in a lot of trouble, without spoiling anything from this episode that aired over 2 decades ago.

4. In Rod We Trust

We love Rod. When it comes to great advice, even in trivia, you can count on Rod to steer you in the right direction. However, that direction is likely towards a church.

5. Lenny and the Jets

Lenny and the Jets
Lenford “Lenny” Leonard is the simple, blue-collar friend of Homer. This Simpsons trivia team name plays off an old Elton John hit, and is sure to be an equal hit among any Simpsons fan.

6. Diddly

A nod to Ned Flanders in the only way you really can. This simple and to the point name will put smiles on the faces of anyone who hears it.

7. My Mom Thinks I’m Cool

You can’t talk about the Simpsons without digging yourself into some Milhouse references, and this is by far the most iconic of them all. Milhouse isn’t cool, but don’t tell that to his mom!

8. Stonecutters

Sometimes the best names are pulled from organizations in the show. Do you remember the Stonecutters? They are the  mysterious group of people who run Springfield from the shadows. Shhh!!! We’ve already said too much.

9. Krusty Burger

Krusty Burger
Krusty Burger is iconic, thus you can’t go wrong with a great name like this. Problem is, it’s pretty well known and loved, so you may have to fight another team for the rights to use its name.

10. Sofa King

Fun pun, and a great reference. The Sofa King is good at what he does, and you can tell opposing teams that you are too with a name like this.

11. Mr. Plow

“I’m Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow”

Do we need to say more? Everyone will be humming the theme song once the hear your team announced if you use this Simpsons trivia team name.

12. The Springfield Isotopes

The Springfield Isotopes were a drastically underfunded and struggling minor league baseball team. If you’re going to use this name, try to win it, would you? This name needs a little positivity in its life.

13. Loafers Former Gophers

If you remember the episode where Mr. Burns goes all Cruella-De-Ville on us, then you likely STILL can’t get the song out of your head. Keep it going with this awesome trivia name.

14. That’s A Paddlin’

That's A Paddlin'
This is almost just a meme reference now, but a Simpsons meme nonetheless. This one is bound to get some laughs.

15. The Shelbyville Shelbyvillians

Channel your inner villian with this punny team name, which is based of Shelbyville, Springfield’s neighbor and rival city.

16. Duffman in 2020

Forget Trump. Forget Kanye. Forget any other potential candidate. In the next Presidential election, there is only one man who can bring the country together. We’re voting Duffman, and you should too.

17. The Lovejoys

You have got to love Reverend Lovejoy and his family. If nothing else, anyone can surely respect the Reverend’s ability to calmly deal with Ned Flanders. If you and your friends like to remain cool under pressure, this name is for you.

18. Thrillhouse

We end with the best. There really is no other name than Thrillhouse. It embodies everything that is the Simpsons and Milhouse all in one. You can’t lose with this one.

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