Funny Horse Names: The Best of the Kentucky Derby

Funny Horse Names: The Best of the Kentucky Derby
If you have ever been to or watched the Kentucky Derby – or any other significant horse race – you know that the names of many horses are anything but ordinary. Ranging from what seems like a mash of words to the names of inanimate objects, many say there is a lot in a name when it comes to winning the Derby. Here’s a list of some funny horse names found throughout Derby history (Derby year in parenthesis).

Funny Horse Names

I’ll Have Another (2012)

Owned by Canadian J. Paul Reddam, this 2009 born horse won the Kentucky Derby in 2012. His racing career was not without hardship however, when he began suffering from osteoarthritis, and later tendonitis, he was forced to retire before ever having a shot at the Triple Crown. According to Reddam, the colt’s name is inspired by his reply when his wife asks if he wants more of her fresh-baked cookies: “I’ll Have Another.”

Mucho Macho Man (2011)

The owners knew this horse was going to be macho! Naming him after sire Macho Uno, and the Village People Song “Macho Man,” the name certainly fit: he grew to be a very large horse, standing over 17 hands high. Mucho Macho Man is known for winning the 2013 Breeders’ Cup Classic.

Songandaprayer (2001)

The offspring of American thoroughbred Unbridled’s Song, it seems fitting that Songandaprayer would also use “song” in their name. A great name for announcers to use when calling a race, Songandaprayer actually had a nice racing career. Winning the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, and Florida Derby, it was only when “Songandaprayer began to fade” that the colt was eventually retired from racing.

Sword Dancer (1959)

Living to be 28 years old and siring the Hall of Fame colt Damascus, Sword Dancer was an American Hall of Fame Champion Thoroughbred racehorse and the leading American colt of his generation. He had a slow start to his winning career, but once he started, went on to stay in the game until an ankle injury ended his racing career at the Man O’ War Stakes.

Scat Daddy (2007)

A thoroughbred racehorse who won four stakes races including the Florida Derby and Champagne stakes, this talented horse was injured in the Kentucky Derby and forced to retire. Scat Daddy was actually named after his owner, investment banker James T. Scatuorchio, whose nickname was “Scat”.

Blumin Affair (1994)

Blumin Affair had some early successes, coming in second in the 1993 Breeders’ Cup before finishing third in the 1994 Kentucky Derby. While they name sounds oddly similar to a menu item at Outback Steakhouse, this horse actually takes its name it’s parents. Blumin Affair is the offspring of horses Medical Affair and Dr. Blum.

Atswhatimtalknbout (2003)

Only a maiden winner when entered into the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, the name of this horse says it all: the owner knew there was winning in his blood and when he would see the horse succeeding, he’d say, “’ats what I’m talkn’ ’bout!”

Believe It (1978)

This horse was named after his sire, In Reality. The name is fitting. If the sire was what could happen in reality, then his offspring should bring success too – you better believe it! And success it did bring. Believe It won six out of his first 17 starts.

I Am the Game (1985)

. . . or as many would more accurately say, the game changer. Born in 1982, this horse brought in over $360 000 in prize money, winning five of its first 24 starts, and placing second in another five.

Action Getter (1970)

Perhaps this name comes more from its irony, as this horse didn’t always get that much action. Other than placing a distant thirteenth in the 1970 Derby, Action Getter didn’t have much more of a career. That 1970 Derby would become well-known, however, providing the setting for the seminal sports article, “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved.”

Suddenbreakingnews (2016)

A young horse with a strong lineage and lots of potential, the name for this horse comes from the expectations of the horse’s owners, who expected their horse to break onto the scene with success, making headlines in the process.

Round Table (1957)

Considered the greatest turf horse in American racing history, this horse was racing by age three, winning eleven consecutive races in 1957 before going on to win three straight US Champion Turf Horse titles. It is safe to say it completed more than its round table of winnings!

Ocho Ocho Ocho (2015)

Ocho Ocho Ocho is actually a contender in this year’s Kentucky Derby, with 26-1 odds behind him. This horse takes its name from the hip number, 888, that was used during his initial sale. “Ocho” is spanish for “eight.”

Danza (2014)

This horse was named after American actor and former professional boxer Tony Danza. Honored to have the horse in his name, Danza attended the 2014 Kentucky Derby to watch Danza, where the horse placed third in the race.

Now that you know a little more about some of the past Kentucky Derby horses, how about testing yourself on Kentucky Derby winners in the quiz below?

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