25 Unusual Place Names from Around the World

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

25 Unusual Place Names From Around the World
With so many cities and towns around the world, it is no real surprise that occasionally you might come across an unusual place name. We have to imagine the people responsible for some of these names were either in on the joke, or just plain lazy. Either way, it’s pretty hard to believe some of these names actually are real!

Here are 25 of the most unusual place names found throughout the world:

1. Accident, MarylandAccident is located in Maryland. It has a population of 325, and a person from there is called an “accidental.” Charming.

2. Anus, FranceAnus is a small village in Burgundy, France, with no relation to Uranus. We have heard Anus is lovely this time of year.

3. Bat Cave, North Carolina – Now you can tell your friends that you visited THE Bat Cave and sort of not be lying about it.

4. Beer, EnglandBeer is a village in Devon, England, and we think everybody should live here. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a beer in Beer?

5. Boring, Oregon – We’re guessing growing up in this Oregon town was, well… Boring. It can’t be all bad though; they have towns named Boring in Maryland and Tennessee as well.

6. Buttzville, New Jersey – Located in New Jersey, Buttzville just paints a childish smile on our faces. Get it? It’s like a butt!

7. Chevy Chase, Maryland – Maryland apparently loved Chevy Chase so much they named a town after him. We’re choosing to believe that is exactly how it happened…

8. Dab, PakistanDab, Pakistan, brings whole new life to that whole “dabbing” thing that was popular until my grandma started doing it. Let’s dab in Dab everybody!

9. Ding Dong, Texas Ding Dong. Who’s there? This place in Texas will either take your mind to old school knock-knock jokes, or to the gutter. Be ashamed of yourself if it went to the latter.

10. Dum Dum, India – Let’s not assume that everyone who lives is Dum Dum, India, is a dum dum. Dum Dum can be found in north Kolkata if you’d like to visit, you dummy.

11. Egg, Austria – No, Egg isn’t necessarily known for their eggs, but you could still potentially eat an egg in Egg (after a beer in Beer, of course).

12. Hell, Norway – Hell is actually a pretty common place name, but the idea of Hell being in a typically cold place like Norway is pretty ironic.

13. Hospital, Ireland Hospital is a town in east County Limerick, Ireland. Sadly, there is no hospital in Hospital, so don’t go there if you are looking for one.

14. Kansas, Oklahoma – Kansas is a US state. Kansas is also the name of a small town in the state of Oklahoma. This all leads one to wonder – is there an Oklahoma, Kansas?

15. Kanye, Botswana – “Yo, other places. I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Kanye, Botswana, is one of the best place names of all time!”

16. Le Tampon, RéunionLe Tampon is the fourth-largest commune in the French overseas department of Réunion. It also makes everyone think of a feminine hygiene product. So it has that going for it.

17. Meme, MyanmarMeme is a village in western Myanmar, and we think someone really needs to make a meme about Meme.

18. Mold, Wales Mold has a long history in Wales. This little town in Flintshire was not named for any sort of fungus, so no need to feel gross should you ever visit.

19. Obama, Japan Obama is a city in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan. Despite sharing its name with a former US President, Obama in Japanese actually means “little beach”.

20. Pity Me, England Pity Me is a suburban village of Durham, England, and you should feel really, really sorry for anyone that has to live here.

21. Poo, India Poo is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, India. Admit it, the 9-year-old version of you would laugh at this.

22. Smug, PolandSmug is a little settlement in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in northern Poland. It sounds like a nice place, but the people are a little too self-satisfied.

23. Useless Loop, Australia Useless Loop is a town located in Shark Bay, Western Australia. It takes its name from Useless Harbour, which was initially believed to be blocked by a sandbar.

24. Why, ArizonaWhy is a small rural community in Pima County, Arizona. For those asking why name a town Why, we say…

25. Whynot, North CarolinaWhynot is an unincorporated community in Randolph County, North Carolina. According to legend, residents of the community were locked in a debate about what to name their town. Someone finally asked, “Why not name the town Why Not and let’s go home?”

These are just 25 of the best ones we could find, but there are literally hundreds of places with ridiculous names all throughout the world. As beautiful as these places may be, we can’t help but smirk when we hear their names.

Know any other unusual place names? Let us know in the comments below.

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