New Badges: Badge in the USA, Politically Charged, and Funny Business


No funny business with these badges–it’ll take 131 quizzes if you want to earn them all.

Badge in the USA: Some were Born to Run. Others were born to sit inside on their computers with a cup of tea earning Sporcle badges. Get 100% on Bruce Springsteen Albums for this one.

Politically Charged: Stick voice-to-text on at your next uncomfortable family dinner and let your arguing uncles and in-laws earn this badge for you. Play 50 Politics quizzes to earn this badge.

defaultFunny Business: You think you don’t get no respect now? Try going a month without earning this badge. Play 5 Just For Fun quizzes you haven’t played before in each subcategory to earn this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.