How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month!

From haiku to Greek epics, jazz poetry to Shakespearean sonnets – poetry has a little something for everyone. And ever since 1996, all kinds of people and organizations have celebrated National Poetry Month in April. Librarians and teachers, politicians and bloggers… even the US Post Office has gotten in on it, issuing a stamp of Langston Hughes after National Poetry Month in 2001.

How You Can Get Involved

April is a great time to discover new poets and review old favorites. The Academy of American Poets can help with the discoveries, with their poem-a-day series. Sporcle can help you master your poetry knowledge and review your favorites.

In fact, Sporcle might even inspire you to branch out and write some poetry of your own! It’s happened before. Limerick_Man has graced our Top Comments of the Week series with new limericks more than once:

Limerick_ManOh, jigsaw puzzles are fun
And I am an expert bar none
If the box says “Here’s
For 2-4 Years”
In only 6 months I’ll be done

Limerick_ManI once saw a mouse on the screen
Not Mickey or Jerry, I mean
When I say “on TV”
I mean literally
I should keep my apartment more clean

Limerick_Man: St. Patrick’s Day is the best!
Some advice for you all to digest:
Don’t drink at the bar
Then post poems from your car
I’d say more but I’m under arrest

Or, if writing your own poetry sounds a little ambitious, stick to what we do best here at Sporcle – knowledge.

Now… what rhymes with Kyrgyzstan?