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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2018)


If you’re afraid of clowns, this picture might leave you a bit shaken (not stirred)

When it comes to Sporcle, curators truly do know best. In this blog series, some of the great curators of Sporcle share their expert opinions on curating, top-notch quizzes, up-and-coming Sporclers, and a wee bit of trivia.

This week we feature alvir28, curator for the James Bond subcategory.

How did you first get involved with Sporcle?
I stumbled upon it while searching for trivia about Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter–I’m not quite sure which one. Of course, after a find like that I spent an entire afternoon typing and I signed up a month or so later.

Why did you decide to be a curator for your subcategory?
I wanted to be a curator. At that time I was making quizzes for about 2 years and needed a new challenge, so I looked for a free slot, sent my application, and got the job. It was the first subcategory without a curator that I could find, but it was a perfect fit since I am a James Bond fan.

What’s your favorite trivia fact having to do with your subcategory?
Christopher Lee is Ian Fleming’s cousin and Fleming wanted him to play Dr. No in the first film. Lee passed on the offer, but later played Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun.

What are some of your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?
Knowing all of the James Bond Movies and James Bond Actors is a must for any fan.

What are some of your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?
I do love quizzes that are challenging and a bit different than the rest. James Bond’s Christmas Shopping is always fun and so is Clickable: James Bond’s Favorite Drinks and picking out acquaintances from family albums 007 Actors Characters Map.

What are your favorite quizzes from an entirely different category?
History of Aviation (Picture Click) is superb and it was the inspiration for a series of different picture click vehicles quizzes I made (and will make). A great geography quiz like Find the US States Ultimate Minefield or Countries of the World is always nice to revisit. I’m also a huge fan of Formula 1 so I’m obliged to mention a quiz like Formula One Grand Prix Winners.

Which Sporcle Group do you frequent most often?
I don’t visit Sporcle Groups daily but I like to check out latest New Feature Requests make some Badge smalltalk and look for random threads that might interest me.

How can Sporclers in your subcategory best contact you?
I do read my messages and I will gladly answer any questions or help with making and improving quizzes. Just send me a PM.

Are there any Sporclers whose quizzes you think merit more attention than they get?
There are a lot of excellent quiz makers out there, but I will mention 3: tvisani, Pilgab, and Pastor_Maldonado.

Haiku or favorite Dad Joke (or both):
What time will Sean Connery be at Wimbledon?

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