The Walking Dead Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2018)

The Walking Dead Trivia Team Names
The Walking Dead can be relentlessly tough on its characters and, by extension, its fans. But the high body count (spoiler warning) emphasizes those little moments of comic relief even more. So if you’re looking for a good balance of morbid and playful, this list might be the perfect inspiration.

The Walking Dead Trivia Team Names

1. Don’t Beer, Worry Inside

So on a normal trivia night, you might be the type to go with the classic “My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem”. But you can capture that same attitude and add a little originality with this Walking Dead twist.

2. Those Who Arrive, Survive

Surviving another week is an accomplishment even when there aren’t undead swarming you at every turn. Get through those long work days and arrive at pub trivia for another week, and you’re a survivor to us.

3. The Ricktatorship

Not everything can be decided by democracy. When the clock is running out on choosing a final answer and your team just can’t seem to decide between two answers, you need a decider. You need a Ricktator.

4. La-Bibbida-Bibba-Dum

David Morrissey, the actor playing The Governor, says people yelled ‘La Bibbida’ at him for weeks before he could figure out why. He just assumed they were crazy.

Use this team name and you might get a few crazy looks too. But those in the know will respect your ability to pull a deep-cut reference.

5. Look at the Flowers

If you want your trivia host to force back tears, you’re kind of sadistic. That said, this gut-wrenching turning point in character development is the perfect fuel for that.

6. Grames. Rark Grames.

The Walking Dead Trivia Team Names - Rark Grames
Hopefully the host isn’t too picky about spelling, because you’re establishing from minute one that precision isn’t your strong point. Style, however, is.

7. Not Today, Not Tomorrow, But We Are Gunna Win This

The stakes for pub trivia are pretty low compared to the stakes of an all out war during the middle of an apocalypse. But if you want to win, it still takes confidence, grit, and downright stubbornness. Let Rick inspire you. Warn your opponents that you’re not the team to screw with.

8. Caaaaaaaaarl

Whether you hear it as Caaaaarl or Cooooral, it’s pretty fun to say. Bonus points if someone on your team is named Carl, and super bonus points if your trivia host is.

9. The Walking Dad

The Walking Dead Trivia Team Names - Dad Joke
Get out your cell phone clips and brush up on the bad jokes. You’re gunna need real dad-cred to pull this one off.

10. I’m Not a Walker, I’ve Just Had a Few

Let everyone know that your shambling, uncoordinated, shuffle is a harmless sign of a good time. You don’t want itchy trigger fingers getting mixed up.

11. The Walken Dead

Zombieland brought a Bill Murray cameo, but AMC could pretty thoroughly one-up that with a punny Christopher Walken appearance. For maximum effect, Walker-Walken is the best choice.

12. Dead Last

In The Walking Dead, being dead last is kinda the goal. In pub trivia, not so much. That makes it a perfect team name, because win or lose, it works.

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