Mnemonic Devices to Learn the Countries of Europe

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2023)

Learn the Countries of Europe
A mnemonic device is a memory tool used for learning – you’ve got to keep that brain sharp, after all! One of the most popular mnemonic devices that comes to mind is Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Used in mathematics class, it was a way to help students remember the order of operations, which is Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. Mnemonic devices work because catchy sayings help people retain information and names. Many adults still remember that mnemonic device from grade school. Pretty impressive if you still remember a math lesson 30 years later!

All of us are dynamic and curious beings. And as inquisitive humans, if you introduce the right tools, games, or challenges, we will tackle creating and learning with enthusiasm. Mnemonic devices are definitely one of those tools! So, we’ve created them for a geographical learning experience that hopefully will stick with you for another 30 years. Let’s use them to master the countries of Europe!

Mnemonic Devices to Learn the Countries of Europe

Grouping them in close clusters, we’ll start from Portugal and work up. The first group is Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, and Monaco. The mnemonic device is Porsches Speeding Always Fake Machismo.

Porsches – Portugal
Speeding – Spain
Always – Andorra
Fake – France
Machismo– Monaco

Who hasn’t seen a car speed down a quiet road and thought something similar?

The next cluster of countries goes from south to north. They are Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The mnemonic device is Silly Greg Loves Bragging Needlessly.

Silly – Switzerland
Greg – Germany
Loves – Luxembourg
Bragging – Belgium
Needlessly – Netherlands

Don’t be like Greg, but do use the mnemonic device.

The next group of countries are Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. The mnemonic device is Impatient Ian Upset Donna.

Impatient – Iceland
Ian – Ireland
Upset – United Kingdom
Donna – Denmark

Dang it, Ian! Keep your composure.

The next cluster will be these neighboring countries Czechia, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Malta. The mnemonic device is Cooking Aggravates Lovely Molly.

Cooking – Czechia
Aggravates – Austria
Lovely – Lichtenstein
Molly – Malta

Molly, you seem lovely, but what could you possibly have against cooking?

And don’t forget the microstates within Italy! This cluster includes Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City. The mnemonic device is Iris Sings Victoriously!

Iris – Italy
Sings – San Marino
Victoriously! – Vatican City

Sing it loud. Sing it proud.

Let’s try a longer one. Let’s look at Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Serbia. The mnemonic device is Caring Turtles Gave All Nine Kids Many Beautiful Shells.

Caring – Cyprus
Turtles – Türkiye
Gave – Greece
All – Albania
Nine – North Macedonia
Kids – Kosovo
Many – Montenegro
Beautiful – Bulgaria
Shells – Serbia

Sharing is caring. Be like the turtles.

The next cluster of countries are Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The mnemonic device is Rachel Seriously Hates Surly Chris Badly.

Rachel – Romania
Seriously – Slovakia
Hates – Hungary
Surly – Slovenia
Chris – Croatia
Badly – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hate is such a strong word, but hey, if it helps you remember these countries…

The next cluster will be countries going from south to north. They are Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The mnemonic device is Mary Understands Puppies Because Labradors Love Enthusiasm.

Mary – Moldova
Understands – Ukraine
Puppies – Poland
Because – Belarus
Labradors – Lithuania
Love – Latvia
Enthusiasm – Estonia

You had us at puppies.

The final cluster is the 4 most northern connected countries when looking at a globe or map. They are Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The mnemonic device is No Swedish Fish, Really?

No – Norway
Swedish – Sweden
Fish – Finland
Really? – Russia

This may help your memorization and invoke a strong sugar craving!

Okay, we have made it through all 47 European countries. Use these mnemonic devices to memorize the nuances of European geography and impress all your friends with your vast world knowledge.

Can you help think of better mnemonic devices? We know you can! Let us know in the comments below.

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