New Badges: Testament Test, Badgetendo 64, and Summit Seeker


These badges will be a testament to your Sporcling prowess.

Testament Test: Finally, all those competitions for singing the books of the bible at bible preschool are paying off! The candy prizes were nice too, though. You’ll need 100% on Bible Books – Old Testament and Bible Books – New Testament for this one.

Badgetendo 64: If any of these quizzes don’t work out for you, be sure to take the cartridge out and blow on it before writing in. Play 64 quizzes with the Nintendo quiz 47 days in a row for this one.

defaultSummit Seeker: If you’d climb the highest mountain or scale the deepest valley just to get a badge… well luckily you don’t have to. Just get 50% or better on Seven Summits, Mountain Countries, and Mountainous Match Game to earn this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.